Ever since Windows Embedded CE 6.0 with Platform Builder shipped, questions about how to export a BSP have arisen.  This is because previous versions included an Export BSP wizard. 

Microsoft included the Export BSP Wizard because importing a BSP required the user to manually load the Catalog File (CEC) into the Platform Builder Catalog.  So the wizard helped by eliminating the possibility of user error.  The wizard would create an installation file (MSI) that would copy the BSP files to the disk and then import the CEC file.

In Platform Builder 6.0 (PB), the Catalog Files, now PBCXML, files are automatically imported when Visual Studio runs.  PB does this by looking in %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\<Your BSP>\Catalog for a PBCXML file.  So, the need for an MSI file is reduced.  Now it is just a matter of delivering the BSP files to your customer and telling them where to put the files.

One way to deliver the BSP is to zip the files and send the zip file to your customer.  Of course you will want to clean the output files out of the folder first.  There are plenty of ways to do that.  I use my version control tool to get the source code to a clean folder, and then zip them.

Your customer then needs to unzip the files and re-open Visual Studio.  The Catalog will be automatically populated with your catalog features.

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