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Here are some FAQs on things that were not so obvious. I’ll continue to add to this list over time.

1. Passing HtmlAttributes using @Html.ActionLink

@Html.ActionLink("Create New", "Create", null, 
new { style="font-size: .75em; font-weight: normal; padding-left: 15px;" })

2. Html.EditFor with multiline and word wrap support

Use the following data annotation in the model class:
public string TextField { get; set; }
This requies the following using statement in the model class:
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;
Multi-line and word wrap is rendered in the view without any further changes in the controller and view.

3. Pass a variable when using return RedirectToAction

return RedirectToAction("Index", null, new { foo = "some value" });

4. Insert a row and link

This was a frustrating problem that took me some time to resolve. However, the solution is very simple.

See this posting on the ASP.NET MVC forum.

5. Attach existing many-to-many entities using LINQ in the post method

I couldn’t quickly find a simple guide to help me with these basic operations. 
It took me a while to work out the solution.
public ActionResult Attach(List<Class> classList, int studentID, string command)
            if (ModelState.IsValid)
                int l = command.IndexOf(" ");
                int clickedClassID = Int32.Parse(command.Substring(0, l));
                var condition = db.Conditions.Find(conditionID);

                foreach (var class in classList)
                    if (class.ID == clickedClassID )
                        if (command.Contains("Attach"))
                            //not sure why I needed to declare the following 2 variables, 
			//but otherwise it didn't work

		var existingClass = db.Classes.SingleOrDefault(x => x.ID == class.ID);
                  var existingStudent = db.Students.First(x => x.ID == studentID);


                            db.Entry(existingClass).State = EntityState.Modified;
                            db.Entry(existingStudent).State = EntityState.Modified;
            return View(db.Classes.ToList());

6. Creating local variables in the view from the ViewBag for use in JQuery

  var someStringValue = '@(ViewBag.someStringValue)';
  var someNumericValue = @(ViewBag.someNumericValue);

7. Add a New Row to an Editable Index View

see Stackoverflow at:

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