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Migrating IBM ClearCase to TFS

Using the Team Foundation Server Integration Tools Platform.


  • ClearCase:
  • Team Foundation Server: 2012 RTM
  • Integration Tools: 2.2.20314.1
  • OS: Windows 2008 R2 ENT SP1

I was able to do a simple example migration of a few files by using the following approach:

  1. Using a dynamic view
  2. Creating a view shortcut drive (i.e. Z:\)
  3. Running the tools as a UI client (not as a windows service)
  4. Running the tools UI in user mode (do not “Run as Administrator”)
  5. Using the CC detailed history adapter
  6. Selecting the view shortcut drive (i.e. Z) on the Tools UI Connect to CC dialog
  7. Selecting the “Detect Changes in CC” option on the Tools UI Connect to CC dialog
  8. Changing the DisableTargetAnalysis value to True on the Tools UI configuration view

I have yet to perform actual migrations for real projects, but will update this blog as I do.

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