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Copying Files into a TFS Workspace: Which Files Changed?

Team Foundation Server 2010 is a “server-side” version control system. Developers use to Subversion and other “client-side” systems are often frustrated in certain situations where they want to see only the changed items in the Pending Changes window and TFS shows all checked-out items. This may happen with source control support files. For example .vspscc, .vssscc file types. It will happen when an entire directory structure is copied to the workspace and only some of the items have changed. 

The typical procedure taken is:

  • Check-out the folder structure
  • Copy the files somewhere else and change some items
  • Copy the structure back to the workspace

At this point the Pending Changes windows shows all the items in the structure. The problem: the developer cannot confirm via the Pending Changes window which files have changed before check-in.

Solution: after the copy back to the workspace, do an Undo Pending Changes on the structure. TFS will prompt you asking if you want to undo the items that changed. Click “No.” Now bring up the Pending Changes window and only the files that have changed will be displayed. For additions and deletions use the TFS Power Tools PowerShell command “TFPT online.”

This type of situation can also arise when coming back online after being offline.

As for the explanation of why Visual Studio uses source control support files, see these postings:

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