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TFS Integration Platform: TFS to TFS Version Control: Code Doesn’t Migrates

I’ve used the platform for ClearQuest migrations to TFS and Subversion migrations to TFS. The setup for testing the configuration can be tricky to ensure you’re starting again from a blank slate. 


I was puzzled after running a number of test migrations to find that no source code would be migrated for some team projects, but not others. I was starting with a new migration configuration, new destination team project and even a re-install of the platform and the SQL Server DB for the platform. For failed migrations the log included the messages

  • ConfigurationChangeTracker did not detect any non-transient changes. No cached data will be deleted for session group
  • VersionControl: Unable to record sync point for migration source ### of session ### because lastMigratedTargetItem.ItemId is null or empty

For more details on the problem see my forum posting at 


It turns out that the service account I was using to execute the migration was also used for other TFS services. This account had been added to the root (collection) node of source control by TFS. All the permissions had then been set to deny.  I removed the account and TFS added it back, but with no Allow or Deny specified for any of the permissions. The problem was resolved and the migration was able to execute since the account had permissions at the team project level.

The bottom line is that the account being used to attempt the migration did not have needed permissions to the source team project. Once the correct permissions were granted the migration was able to move forward.

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