Error downloading novacom drivers – WebOS

I got sick of the Bing Maps on WebOS not being able to find “coffee” when I’m in St. Paul.  Coffe Pk, TX anyone? – no thanks.  So I finally got around to installing PreWare on my Palm Pre 2.  The WebOS Quick Install doesn’t successfully download the novacom drivers.  You can find them here:

Don’t bother trying the Novacom Universal Installer either.

Then put phone in developer mode (by Typing webos20090606 and switch on developer mode), attach phone in “Just Charge” mode, run WebOS Quick Install, select the globe icon, and search for PreWare, install.

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by parag at 3/9/2013 5:33 AM

Thanks a lot for the links!! However,the 64 bit link is misspelled (-tgz instead of .tgz)
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