Outlook phone dialer quits when Microsoft Communicator is running

Our company does not have a full SIP phone integration with with Microsoft Communicator.  It is used for presence and IM.  In Outlook, I like to use the Dialer (as I have my laptop modem plugged into my Phone {which is plugged into OOMA – yea baby!}) to save all those seconds.  However, if MOC is running, then when I launch the Outlook Dialer, it pops up MOC and tells me that feature is not operational.  Here is how to use the plain old TAPI dialer.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Call Integration – then add TAPIOVERRIDE as a DWORD=1.  You may have to add the key Call Integration.

Question:  If you know how to allow MOC to use the dialer, let me know.  i.e. if I right click on the presence indicator and choose call, I want it to launch the Outlook Dialer.