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I waited like good boy for HP to catch up with Vista drivers, 'cause it has to be some really complicated shit if the XP drivers for HP Laserjet 1022 already work on Vista, for them to actually get a real working Vista driver.  So I pulled it down, installed and began using it - including the simple feature of duplex printing.  The 1022 did this on XP nicely.  You didn't have to worry about which way to flip the paper, just grab it, stick it back in, and press the flashing green light on the top.  However, this wonderful new Vista driver likes to pop-up the stupid box reminding me to feed the sheets back in, and then it kills the spooler.

Spooler SubSystem App stopped working and was closed

Restarting the spooler prints the odd pages agian then craps out.  I'm in an infiinite loop of ink and paper wasting.

Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2007 11:51 AM | Back to top

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