Setup.exe doesn’t appear to run when I double click it.

My company has an internal utility to install applications on your laptop. One was failing and not telling me why. Going to the directory where everything was downloaded and double clicking the Setup.exe didn’t seem to do anything. There is an configuration xml file in the same dir as Setup.exe that allows for headless install. Rename it and now run Setup.exe. you should see a pop-up window with whatever error is preventing the install. I’m sure headless puts it in a log file somewhere, but…

Windows desktop search doesn’t work for Office 2013

Some stuff is just hard to do. In fact so hard, that they just stopped doing it. Which is total crap!

Rear wiper blade replacement 2011 Chevy Equinox

Even YouTube let me down on this one. It is quite simple for this model year.

  1. Lift the plastic arm up away from the rear window (only allows for 3 inches or so)
  2. Pull the wiper blade out of the plastic arm. Yup, it’s just that simple. Pull the wiper blade assembly toward the window and out of the plastic arm. It doesn’t even really snap it it is just kind of held in by force.
  3. When you take it out, notice how the middle of the assembly looks in the very middle. Probably a short bar on the left and a hole on the right. We’ll want to put the new one in the same way.
  4. The new one has a little clip over the bar. Remove the little clip and toss it.
  5. To install the new one, run your finger along inside the plastic arm. In the middle you will feel two plastic things next to each other that form a notch. That is where the bar will slide into. So just push it up in there, and your done.

Note to other model years. If you try following the other method of popping up the base of the plastic arm and then sliding the whole plastic arm to the left, and feel a springy resistance, then the directions above apply to you.

HAXM install error; unknown error; Xamarin Phoneword app

So my first round of playing with Android development using Eclipse was OK, but not stellar. I thought I’d try Xamarin Studio (free for small apps/personal use). But after running through the how-to I got to the point where I was to deploy it to an emulator, and here is where the multi-hour nightmare began. So I hope this saves you some steps.

  1. There is a fix out on the Intel site which may help.
  2. Make sure you have VT-x turned on in you Bios.
  3. You can always just install an ARM System Imager from the Android SDK manager in Xamarin. It is only the x86 stuff that got us going down this road anyway (it’s faster than the ARM emulator.
  4. BEST ANSWER – install the Genymotion Android Emulator. It launches quickly and runs fast.

Why the migration from Oracle application servers will continue

Oracle licensing policies screw you if you are using VMWare. You need to license the whole server host and not just what is partitioned for use by the application server VM.

From Oracle Partitioning policy,

Found on this page:

Soft Partitioning:

Soft partitioning segments the operating system using OS resource managers. The operating system limits the number of CPUs where an Oracle database is running by creating areas where CPU resources are allocated to applications within the same operating system. This is a flexible way of managing data processing resources since the CPU capacity can be changed fairly easily, as additional resource is needed. Examples of such partitioning type include: Solaris 9 Resource containers, AIX Workload Manager, HP Process Resource Manager, Affinity Management, Oracle VM, and VMware.Soft partitioning is not permitted as a means to determine or limit the number of software licenses required for any given server.

It does say that if you are using Solaris Zones that is Hard partitioning and that is ok. Also if you are using Oracles own VM Server, that is also Hard Partitioning and that is ok.

Bitlocker Bad DNS packet

Perhaps you are trying to encrypt your laptop and you are not connected to the corporate domain controller – perhaps you need to VPN in.

Google Maps keeps displaying in Spanish

In Chrome I use Google Maps as a search provider.  That way I can just type maps for the URL address, hit a couple of tab keys, and enter the maps address and have the page rendered with my map.  Now periodically maps were displaying in Spanish with a "click here to translate to English” option.  Huh?  My language settings on the browser and within Google settings all were English.  Turns out I had set my Chrome search provider string to include a language query parm=es.  Why would I do that?  Evil twin perhaps.

Google Chromecast cast tab from Chrome browser sucks

Ok so I know it’s in beta.  And I should have known when I watched the Nexus 7 and Chromecast press event and the demo showed the browser casting a slide show.  But, when I bought one of these little $35 beauties and tried casting a soccer game from ESPN it was pathetic with a 2 FPS rate.  Netflix and YouTube are awesome.  We’ll see what we get out of beta.

Azure VM - Endpoint Not found: There was no endpoint listening

The only solution was to delete the VM and recreate.  There are ways to clone the VM from the VHD that was used, but the original VM must be deleted. 

Strangely enough I had a running VM, then added an SSL cert to a separate Cloud Service via the portal, and that seemed to doom my VM.  It went into a stopped state, and when trying to start it received the error above.

PluralSight MVC course error - No parameterless constructor defined

The ASP.NET apps I develop/support at work have all been WebForms. So while taking a lovely course by Scott Allen on PluralSight, I decided to skip the IOC crap in my lab. Wrong!  In order for the EF DBContext (interface) to be passed into the constructor for my controller, I need magic to occur. StructureMap provides this be giving my app a DBContext object each time the IDepartmentDataSource interface is asked for. See the following controller constructor:

  1. public DepartmentController(IDepartmentDataSource db)
  2. {
  3.     _db = db;
  4. }

What I don’t need is a default parameterless constructor. I could just create a new DBContext myself, but it seems Scott, and others, support this pattern in MVC. I’m not a big fan of magic because it becomes a maintenance nightmare, but alas…