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Welcome to my blog! I'm a Sr. Software Development Engineer in Seattle, WA. I've been doing C++/C#/Java development for over 18 years, but have definitely learned that there is always more to learn!

All thoughts and opinions expressed in my blog and my comments are my own and do not represent the thoughts of my employer.

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A collection of thoughts on the fundamentals of development.
C#/.NET Little Wonders: Extension Methods Demystified
Once again, in this series of posts I look at the parts of the .NET Framework that may seem trivial, but can help improve your code by making it easier to write and maintain. The index of all my past little wonders posts can be found here. I have had the pleasure to program in a variety of programming languages throughout the years including the trifecta of C++, Java, and C#. It's often interesting how these three languages are so similar and yet have such key differences as well. Each of them has ......

Posted On Friday, March 8, 2013 12:47 AM | Comments (6) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# Software .NET Fundamentals ]

C#/.NET Little Wonders: The St. Louis Days of .NET Presentations
Here are the slides for my three presentations this year for the St. Louis Days of .NET 2012. Enjoy them and feel free to share them as you see fit! If you enjoy these presentations, please check out the entire index of my C# Little Wonders, Little Pitfalls, and Fundamentals blog posts which can be found here. Update: Source has been updated to include Saturday’s presentations as well, also added more comments. Also, each of the presentations will have a small pool ball in the lower right hand corner ......

Posted On Friday, August 3, 2012 12:19 AM | Comments (0) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# Software .NET Fundamentals ]

C# Fundamentals: Optional Parameters - Pros and Pitfalls
When Microsoft rolled out Visual Studio 2010 with C# 4, I was very excited to learn how I could apply all the new features and enhancements to help make me and my team more productive developers. Default parameters have been around forever in C++, and were intentionally omitted in Java in favor of using overloading to satisfy that need as it was though that having too many default parameters could introduce code safety issues. To some extent I can understand that move, as I’ve been bitten by default ......

Posted On Thursday, June 17, 2010 6:11 PM | Comments (5) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# Software .NET Fundamentals ]

C#: The Curious ConcurrentDictionary
Update: I revised some of my initial thoughts after taking bit of my own advice and thinking about the less-tangible benefits of a ConcurrentDictionary. This leads me to believe that ay time you use a Dictionary in a read/write manner in a multi-threaded environment, you should use ConcurrentDictionary instead for the simplicity and safety. It's easier to read and more maintainable, and even if you are write-heavy, it's not orders-of-magnitude slower so I think it's worth it for the safety and maintainability ......

Posted On Wednesday, June 9, 2010 5:45 PM | Comments (22) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# Software .NET Fundamentals ]

C#: System.Lazy<T> and the Singleton Design Pattern
So we've all coded a Singleton at one time or another. It's a really simple pattern and can be a slightly more elegant alternative to global variables. Make no mistake, Singletons can be abused and are often over-used -- but occasionally you find a Singleton is the most elegant solution. For those of you not familiar with a Singleton, the basic Design Pattern is that a Singleton class is one where there is only ever one instance of the class created. This means that constructors must be private to ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 19, 2010 6:41 PM | Comments (33) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# Software .NET Fundamentals ]

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