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Welcome to my blog! I'm a Sr. Software Development Engineer in the Seattle area, who has been performing C++/C#/Java development for over 20 years, but have definitely learned that there is always more to learn!

All thoughts and opinions expressed in my blog and my comments are my own and do not represent the thoughts of my employer.

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Little Wonders

Little Wonders


C#/.NET Little Wonders: The St. Louis Days of .NET Presentations

Here are the slides for my three presentations this year for the St. Louis Days of .NET 2012. Enjoy them and feel free to share them as you see fit! If you enjoy these presentations, please check out the entire index of my C# Little Wonders, Little Pitfalls, and Fundamentals blog posts which can be found here.

Update: Source has been updated to include Saturday’s presentations as well, also added more comments.  Also, each of the presentations will have a small pool ball in the lower right hand corner on pages where there are illustrative pieces of sample code.  The number on the pool ball matches the number of the example in the sample code solution for that presentation.

The source code for the examples used in the presentations is available here (StLouisDaysOfDotNet-Hare-2.zip)

The C#/.NET Little Wonders and More Little Wonders Presentations


The C#/.NET Fundaments: Of Lambdas and LINQ Presentation


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