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Welcome to my blog! I'm a Sr. Software Development Engineer in the Seattle area, who has been performing C++/C#/Java development for over 20 years, but have definitely learned that there is always more to learn!

All thoughts and opinions expressed in my blog and my comments are my own and do not represent the thoughts of my employer.

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August 2010 Entries

C#/.NET Five Little Wonders That Make Code Better (1 of 3)
We all have those little wonders in our .NET code, those small tips and tricks that make code just that much more concise, maintainable, or performant. Many of you probably already know of some of these, but many folks either overlook them or just don't know about them, so this article is a refresher. I'm planning on making this a three-part series encompassing 15 little wonders that I had thought of, though I'm very curious to hear the little wonders you can think of as well. Update: Part 2 is now ......

Posted On Thursday, August 26, 2010 6:32 PM | Comments (64) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# Software .NET Fundamentals Little Wonders ]

10 Things C++ Developers Learning C# Should Know
After taking a lot of time with C# fundamentals, I decided to go down a different road this week and talk about some of the differences in C# that can be troublesome to people who are used to C++ development but are learning C#. My first post on this blog months ago was just a simple piece on how I divorced C++ as my first-love language (here). This is not to say that C++ is not still a valuable language, in fact as far as object-oriented languages go C++ is still king of performance. That said, ......

Posted On Thursday, August 12, 2010 5:34 PM | Comments (4) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# C++ Software .NET Fundamentals ]

C# Fundamentals: Parameters Passing Nuances
Last week I went into quite a bit of detail on C# struct (here) and the consequences of using a struct versus a class to represent complex data types. In the course of that article, I had a section describing the differences between value types and reference types and thought I would expand upon one of the ideas in there which seems to confuse some folks who are new to C#: parameter passing nuances. But first, let's lay the groundwork with some definitions: Parameter - the variable defined in a method ......

Posted On Thursday, August 5, 2010 6:18 PM | Comments (1) | Filed Under [ My Blog C# Software .NET Fundamentals ]

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