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February 2012 Entries

In this post we will see few of the initial steps for developing BizTalk Solutions for integrating with PeopleSoft Enterprise Systems using PeopleSoft Adapter. In order to proceed further, you must have Installed and Configured PeopleSoft Adapter properly, both on BizTalk side and PeopleSoft System side. This particular post is based on PeopleSoft HRMS 9.0 system. But the steps shown below should be same for any PeopleSoft Enterprise System. The steps will be same to connect to any Component Interface ......

Commonly when you try to connect the Enterprise Applciatons with BizTalk Adapters you might get errors like : E-PSFT0029: JVM was not started OR Unable to find JAVA_HOME. As the error says, it is unable to locate the JVM.dll and unable to start it. Resolution: Make sure the folder having JVM is present as a value in PATH variable of environment variables. Say for PeopleSoft Applications, the JVM can be found with the app called JRockit so make sure the folder path of JRockit containing the JVM is ......