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February 2011 Entries

Hi there, Microsoft is hosting the first edition of their annual TechReddy conference. TechReady is an internal Microsoft conference but Microsoft invited Tellago Studios to present a session about how to enable Agile SOA Governance on the Microsoft platform using our recently release product: SO-Aware. As part of our session, we will take a look at the current challenges that organizations face when enabling SOA governance capabilities on the Microsoft platform and how organizations can benefit ......

A few months ago myself and colleagues had open sourced the BizTalk Data Services. We were meanwhile working on other artifacts which comes along with BizTalk Server like the “Business Rules Engine”. We are happy to announce the first version of BRE Data Services. BRE Data Services is a same concept which we covered through BTS Data Services, providing a RESTFul OData – based API to interact with the Business Rules Engine via HTTP using ATOM Publishing Protocol or JSON as the encoding mechanism. ......