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June 2010 Entries

We at Tellago, Inc. had recently open sourced first version of BizTalk Data Services by Jesus Rodriguez and ESB ToolKit 2.0 Extensions by Dwight Goins on Codeplex. The BizTalk Data Services was more about based on Querying, Browsing for BizTalk Artifacts via RESTful interface. Today we have a new release for the BizTalk Data Services which is an extension of the earlier release. The new release v0.6 contains: · IUpdatable · Enabling and Disabling Receive Locations · Starting and Stopping Send Ports ......

Let’s develop a SharePoint WebPart for executing BAM SSIS Packages. The SharePoint site can be on remote server other than the BizTalk Database Server. This won’t be a fancy UI WebPart, just a basic dropdown to select a BAM SSIS Package and execute it. ;-) The approach I am used is of using a User Control hosted as a sharepoint webpart. There are bunch of different ways you can develop Sharepoint webpart. This is just one of them and easier one. Less error prone and easily debug able. · Create ......