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As I said in my previous post, I am giving an example which will demonstrate on how to craete a new ENTSSO configuration application. Refere to below config data. It creates a new application within SSODB which can be used as a configuration store.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <application name="HubAuditDatabase">
    <description>A Config Store type HubAuditDatabase Application</description>
    <appUserAccount>BizTalk Application Users</appUserAccount>
    <appAdminAccount>BizTalk Server Administrators</appAdminAccount>
    <field ordinal="0" label="default" masked="no" />
    <field ordinal="1" label="Server" masked="no" > </field>
    <field ordinal="2" label="Database" masked="no" > </field>
 <field ordinal="3" label="Trusted_Connection" masked="no" > </field>
 <field ordinal="4" label="User" masked="no" > </field>
 <field ordinal="5" label="Password" masked="yes" > </field>/>
    <flags groupApp="no" configStoreApp="yes" allowTickets="no" validateTickets="yes" allowLocalAccounts="yes" timeoutTickets="yes" adminAccountSame="no" enableApp="yes" />

This is sample xml. Note 0th position is reserve and cannot be used. So keep it default. Dont insert any value in it. Whenever we want to refer this application we need to make use of Application Name and Contact. Now a step to create this application in SSODB. Following batch file code referes to BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe. This is available with BizTalk installer. In SDK this exe can be found.

@echo off

@set ENTSSOManage="C:\Program Files\Common Files\Enterprise Single Sign-On\ssomanage.exe"
@Set DllPath=C:\Release\Hub\1.0\

echo "SSO Manage path is" %ENTSSOManage%
echo "Creating SSO Application"
%ENTSSOManage% -CreateApps %DllPath%ConfigStore_Hub_Application.xml

echo "Dll path is" %DllPath%
echo "Updating SSO Application field for HubAuditDatabase"

%DllPath%BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe -set HubAuditDatabase HubAuditDatabaseConfig Server "kdsqldev\tsvsbiztalk03"
%DllPath%BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe -set HubAuditDatabase HubAuditDatabaseConfig Database HubDB
%DllPath%BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe -set HubAuditDatabase HubAuditDatabaseConfig Trusted_Connection true
%DllPath%BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe -set HubAuditDatabase HubAuditDatabaseConfig User ""
%DllPath%BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe -set HubAuditDatabase HubAuditDatabaseConfig Password ""


ssomanage exe creates application in SSODB and then BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe updates values for it. Easy to configure and automate, isn't it?


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# re: Creating SSO Configuration Application
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Biztalk 2013 does not like the BTSScnSSOApplicationConfig.exe utility.
Is there a version that uses the current version of Interop or is there a way to force it to use an out of date version?
Left by RJ on Jan 24, 2017 7:04 AM

# re: Creating SSO Configuration Application
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I hope you already have SSOApplicationConfig with you. If you don't have it, please get it from BizTalk installable with below path "..\BizTalk Server\MSI\Program Files\SDK\Scenarios\Common\SSOApplicationConfig".

You will need to update the reference of Microsoft.BizTalk.Interop.SSOClient.dll with latest 64 bit dll. Build the application and use it. It will solve the issue.

Left by koushal on Mar 06, 2017 2:10 PM

# re: Creating SSO Configuration Application
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I am in search of the details regarding this SSO configuration application and I found this article shared in your blog very informative and useful. It is with the help of your site I have learned many things and I would like to thank the blog for the great service.
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