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  • BillRob Wow, just took 10 minutes thinking and internet before I recalling the word "nondescript". I knew some word existed. #brainfart about 653 days ago
  • BillRob Experiencing a bad case of blue balls for the unemployment line. about 671 days ago
  • BillRob RT @statichippo is passionate software engineer with startup exp looking for next startup. last startup: ecommerce .net, haskel, drupal about 675 days ago
  • BillRob RT @benfosterdev: A good sign that an OSS project is dead - still using SVN. about 709 days ago
  • BillRob RT @nkohari: Broken Windows, Dirty Dishes (my first post to @medium!) about 742 days ago
  • BillRob If the gun ppl thought the dope ppl were okay, and the dope ppl thought the gun ppl were okay, we'd all be libertarian. about 771 days ago
  • BillRob Will MSM ever print headlines: "Victim defenceless _ politicians to blame" "Gun control kills again _ no protection for murder victim" about 786 days ago

Bill Robertson
I thought I would share the sessions at the PDC I really enjoyed and would recommend for viewing for those that didn't attend. And you know who you are. :) And those who did attend but didn't get to watch these. I'm sure there are more that were great, but these are the ones that stuck out to me. Deep Dive: Dynamic Languages in Microsoft .NET Jim Hugunin ......

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