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Today is my 10th business day working at Geeks with Blogs. I'm phrasing it in "business days" because Thanksgiving completely screwed up my mental days-at-my-new-job clock. Plus it just sounds geekier. 

In fact, now that I'm working here, I need to make an extra effort to be super geeky. Maybe even Uber.

Here's my plan so far:

  • Wear sandals to work. Check.
  • Blog about code stuff more. WIP
  • Try more crazy code stuff that ppl might find interesting enough to read a blog about. WIP
  • Tweet more, about really geeky stuff.... that people might actually find interesting. WIP
  • Make GWB a killer community. Not in the homicidal sense. WIP

I know, I know. I need to limit my WIP more.

I'm also wondering what personal blogging quality decay rate will be. i.e. Can I write a blog post every single day without it turning into boring drivel?

Let’s hope so!

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