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My flight from Houston to Seattle was pretty smooth and quick. It only took four hours for the entire trip. My hotel was Westin Seattle which is located right in the middle of downtown. Microsoft had arranged the bus service from all the hotels to the Convention Center where the registration took place but I decided to walk. The registration was pretty quick basically they just give you a badge with your name on it and the group that you belonged to which in my case was ASP.NET.  

After the registration we walked into a big hall where they welcomed MVP’s. It is quite amazing to see all the MVP’s from all parts of the world. There were people from Ecuador, Thailand, Belgium, Taiwan and many other different countries. I wonder if there was any MVP from Pakistan (my home country).

The day one which was 04/14/2008 was an open session day. This means that different MVP’s can gather in a room and discuss different topics related to the technology. One of the interesting open sessions I went was about the Mocking Frameworks which was given by none other than the creator of MoQ himself, Daniel Cazzulino . I should have asked him to give me the cool Moq t-shirt. 

There was the welcome dinner but I was not able to attend the dinner since I was dead tired. Anyway's, the first day was fun and informative.

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Yes there were three more MVPs from Pakistan: Myself, Khalil ur rahman and Hammad Rajjoub. It's unfortunate I missed meeting you.


Left by saif on Apr 19, 2008 7:42 AM

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It is unfortunate for me also not meeting with my fellow brothers. You should have carried a huge flag or something!!!
Left by Mohammad Azam on Apr 21, 2008 7:11 AM

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