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Here is the final result of the poll:

Reading Books 73
Participating in Forums 40
Reading Other's Code 58
Teaching 15
Speaking 11
Code, Code and Code! 106

As, you can see "Code, Code and Code!" wins by a long margin followed by Reading books. I will have to partially agree with the result. My idea is that if you want to become a better developer then you need to emphasize on more than one technique. Code, code and code makes sense since practice makes perfect but apart from practice you also need good coding techniques and real life problems. You can lean good coding practices by reading good books and reading other's good code. I also believe that participating in the forums ( gives you a taste of real life scenarios.

Another technique that I encourage is to create a demo project. A project can be about anything. Maybe an application to keep track of your gym routine or a simple software to keep track of the cashflow. Creating an application from scrath with give you the benefit of designing the complete application. You will notice that when creating an application you will have a lot of questions and you will seek lot of answers. This way you will learn many different things at the same time.

If you have any suggestions please share!

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