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I am planning to begin a screencast section on GridViewGuy. I already have a videos section but I thought screencast will be more interactive as users does not have to download the video to watch it. If you would like to request a particular screen cast then please let me know and I will be more then happy to consider it.


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Isn't a screencast just a *short* video (of the presenter's *screen* only)?

I've never heard of a distinction between download/streaming or anything else to do with the delivery mechanism and it seems to me that your post suggests that...
Left by Daniel Moth on Nov 01, 2007 3:24 PM

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Hi Daniel Moth,

Technically you are right! They are the same thing. I like to distinguish screencast with video in a more of a streaming sense. Most of the website that provide videos provide it in the form of the download. I consider screencast to be live feed on the users screen. Off course the name screencast means that you will see what is going on the creator screen but I like to extend it both ways. Meaning what is going on the creator's screen and showing the live feed on the client's machine.
Left by Mohammad Azam on Nov 01, 2007 3:53 PM

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