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I was making an application couple of days ago in which I had to take input from the Console. The input was string so I thought I can achieve this using
string myInput = Console.ReadLine() 
But unfortunatly Console.ReadLine() only takes 256 characters as input and once 256 characters are typed it will stop taking input from the user. There is a simple way you can increase the input size. In the code below I am setting the OpenStandardInput method of the Console class to the number of characters that I want to take as input which in this case is 2000 charaters.

byte[] bytes = new byte[2000]; 
Stream inputStream = Console.OpenStandardInput(bytes.Length); 
Console.SetIn(new StreamReader(inputStream)); 
Console.WriteLine("Enter the body of the email"); 
string body = Console.ReadLine(); 

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I posted a solution to this here:
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