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In Visual Studio, how do I pass arguments in debug to a console program?
Go to your project properties, either by right-clicking on the project and picking "Properties" or by picking Properties from the Project menu.Click on Debug, then enter your arguments into the "Script Arguments" field.Save ......

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Sql Server: How do I get the filegroup, data file name, size and path of a database?
-- start with this:SELECT AS DatabaseFileName, dbfile.size/128 AS FileSizeInMB, AS FileGroupName, dbfile.physical_name AS DatabaseFilePath FROM sys.database_files AS dbfile INNER JOIN sys.filegroups AS sysFG ON dbfile.data_space_id = sysFG.data_space_id-- for a more general look by filegroup, try this:with fileConfig as (SELECT AS DatabaseFileName, (dbfile.size/128) AS FileSizeInMB, AS FileGroupName, dbfile.physical_name AS DatabaseFilePath FROM sys.database_files ......

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SQL Server: Why is it taking so long to take a database offline?
There are probably open sessions on the database you are attempting to bring offline. SQL Server is trying to roll back any existing workloads in-flight for that database. Issue the sp_who2 command from a new connection (master db) and view what's active. If you see activity, let it complete--or if you don't want the sessions to complete for whatever reason, issue the kill command for the spid(s). In the future, use this command:ALTER DATABASE yourDBName SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE;To bring ......

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SQL Server: Why is it taking so long to take a database offline?
There are probably open sessions on the database you are attempting to bring offline. SQL Server is trying to roll back any existing workloads in-flight for that database. Issue the sp_who2 command from a new connection (master db) and view what's active. If you see activity, let it complete--or if you don't want the sessions to complete for whatever reason, issue the kill command for the spid(s). In the future, use this command:ALTER DATABASE yourDBName SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE;To bring ......

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SQL Server: How can I get a distinct count(*) with multiple columns?
To get a count(*) of distinct column combinations, do the count(*) over the distinct select statement.Example:SELECT count(*) FROM (SELECT DISTINCT ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC FROM YourTable ) x ......

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SQL Server: How do I split a comma delimited column into multiple columns or rows?
-- converting column with commas to multiple columns --declare @col1 varchar(500)set @col1 = 'I,Hate,Broccoli'DECLARE @Tmp TABLE ( Id int, Element VARCHAR(20)) INSERT @Tmp SELECT 1,@col1 SELECT Id, PARSENAME(REPLACE(Element,'... Name, PARSENAME(REPLACE(Element,'... Surname FROM @Tmp-- converting column with commas to multiple rows --declare @col1 varchar(500)set @col1 = 'I,am,really,a,smart person, one of the smartest'DECLARE @Tmp TABLE ( Id int, Element VARCHAR(200)) INSERT @Tmp SELECT ......

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SQL Server: How can I tell if a table is being used?
This statement will display the datetime stamp of the last user scan and the last user update. It will also include the # of user updates on that table.

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(OBJECT_ID) AS DatabaseName, last_user_update,*
FROM sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats
WHERE database_id = DB_ID( 'yourDatabaseName')

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SQL Server: How do I test for the existence of a temp (#temp) table before dropping it?
This statement will work 

if object_id('tempdb..#mytempTbl') is not null
  drop table #mytempTbl

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How can I get a list of what windows patches were installed?
For an effective, simple HTML formatted static list go into an MSDOS command window and type: wmic qfe list full /format:htable > c:\winpatches.htm

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I can't remote into my Windows server. How do I do remote shutdown or remote restart?
Open up a windows command shell. Type in:
shutdown -r -t360 -m

If you are looking for more information about this, check out this link

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GMAIL: How do I get rid of all the emails in a folder?
This took me longer than it should have to figure out. In just a few simple steps, all those emails can easily be dealt with in sets.Go to the folder you are interested the top check box--or the "select all" . You'll see a text line appearing just above the trash can icon that says something like "All 999 conversations on this page are selected." (see below).Click on the underlined text that says "Select all 999 conversations in YourFileFolderName". The text line will change to something ......

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I get this message: profile name is not valid [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 14607) using sp_send_dbmail. Why?
The most likely reason is that your profile has not been configured, or you are using an incorrect name under the @profile_name parameter. To determine your profile settings, use this query:SELECT [profile_id] ,[name] ,[description] ,[last_mod_datetime] ,[last_mod_user] FROM [msdb].[dbo].[sysmail_profile] If after you have checked the results of this query and you are using the correct profile name, check how you are passing the parameter values.Don't do this:exec msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @subject, ......

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SQL Server: How do I start an agent job on a remote server?
This sql script will start an agent job on a remote server. If you're running this as a step in another agent job, keep in mind that the job you are running it from will be determined to be successful, even if the remote job fails--as this is an asynchronous kick off only.declare @returnCode int declare @JobName varchar(300) declare @ServerName varchar(200) declare @query varchar(8000) declare @cmd varchar(8000) set @JobName = 'TheJobNameYouWantToRun' set @ServerName = 'TheRemoteServerWhereTheJobIs' ......

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sql server: Why can't I use the xp_cmdshell in SSMS?
You will need to enable the feature first.Follow these steps:EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1GO-- this updates whatever the currently configured value for advanced optionsRECONFIGUREGO-- Now enable the command shellEXEC sp_configure 'xp_cmdshell', 1GO--update the currently configured value with xp_cmdshell setting update.RECONFIGUREGO ......

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SQL Server: Why is it taking so long for SQL Server to take my database OFFLINE?
If you are using the SSMS GUI, you may not be aware that behind the scenes, you are really issuing an ALTER DATABSE command. It is likely that another process (or processes) were accessing the database you want to take offline.If you're a DBA, or have sysadmin privileges, issue an sp_who2 command -- looking for the ALTER DATABSE process logged to you. Kill the process. Once the process has been killed off, issue the ALTER DATABSE command yourself.To take the database offline:USE masterGOALTER DATABASE ......

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sql server: How can I list or review the last restores for all the databases on a server?
Go to the server your are interested in gathering the information from, then issue this statement:WITH LastRestoresOnServer AS(SELECT sysdb.[name] as dbName, sysdb.[create_date], sysdb.[compatibility_level], sysdb.[collation_name], r.*, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY sysDb.Name ORDER BY r.[restore_date] DESC) as RNFROM master.sys.databases sysdbLEFT OUTER JOIN msdb.dbo.[restorehistory] r ON r.[destination_database_name] = sysDb.Name)SELECT *FROM [LastRestoresOnServer]WHERE RN = 1 ......

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How do I Fix "Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS" and "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS"
You were probably trying to do a comparison between 2 databases with different collation settings on a WHERE clause or on a join. Here's how you would do the comparison with a JOIN: Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Select * from source db1.schema.table1 as t1 join source db2.schema.table2 as t2 on t1.col1 collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS = t2.col1 COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; ......

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SQL Server: Restoring a backup generates this error: Operating system error 5(Access is denied.).
There are several reasons for this. The most common reason is that the account you are using while logged into mssql through ssms does not have access to the drive definition you are using as your source. Network drives are a good example of an access conflict.Assuming you have access to the drive, try redirecting the network drive to a local drive letter via xp_cmdshell (Note: be sure use of xp_cmdshell is enabled) .exec master..xp_cmdshell 'net use Z: "\\BackupServerXX\<share... ......

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SQL Server: How do I generate the table schema and populate it with inserts in a script?
In SSMS, there's a Generate Script utility (read: only available under version 2008 and up) . Here are the steps you would need to take to make use of the utility: Right click on the database you're interested in and go to Tasks -> Generate ScriptsSelect the tables and/or any other objects you'd like in order to get them into the script.Navigate to Set scripting options. Click on Advanced.Under the General category, navigate to Type of data to scriptSelect the Schema and Data option to get the ......

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How do I find the largest files on my disk (storage)?
Here's an example using forfiles to scan your storage. This command line will look for files over 200mb on the C:\ drive after 1/1/2014.

forfiles /P C:\ /M *.* /S /D +"01/01/2014"  /C "cmd /c if @fsize gtr 209715200 echo @path @fsize @fdate @ftime"

For more information, check out Microsoft's examples and syntax page:

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mssql2008+ : How do I manage transactions in stored procedures?
This pattern works well:USE [yourDatabase] GO IF OBJECT_ID('ThisSproc', 'P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROCEDURE ThisSproc; GO CREATE PROCEDURE ThisSproc @PersonId INT, @NewMoneyCollected MONEY = 0 AS BEGIN BEGIN TRY BEGIN TRANSACTION; UPDATE OrganizationTripFunding SET Balance = MoneyCollectedAllYear + @NewMoneyCollected WHERE PersonId = @PersonID; COMMIT TRANSACTION; END TRY BEGIN CATCH IF @@TRANCOUNT > 0 ROLLBACK TRANSACTION; DECLARE @ErrorNumber INT = ERROR_NUMBER(); DECLARE @ErrorLine INT = ERROR_LINE(); ......

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How Do I Install an Eclipse Plugin from a *.zip File?
If you aren't able to install from the Help\Install New Software menu, it is probably because the zip file doesn't have the content.jar/artifacts.jar needed to do so. You will need to navigate to where you've installed Eclipse, then follow these steps: 1. Navigate to the Dropin drectory2. Create a new subdirectory (folder).3. Expand the zip file to the subdirectory folder. 4. Restart Eclipse5. Under the Windows\Open Perspective menu, look for your plugin ......

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Sql Server: Orphaned user name; Can't login, User name disappeared from my database
This usually happens when you restore a database. For example, you restore a copy of production database X to your QA server. In essence, you have overwritten the user info of that specific database with what exists in production. This creates an orphan user -- where you have no login associated with a user in that database on a server that once associated that user with the old copy of the database.Here is what to do fix the issue:1. Validate that what you think is the problem is the problem. Do ......

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Sql Server: Select Count(*) throws the error: Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int
Try using count_big(*) instead-- this is defined as bigint instead of int.In this example, I am looking for how many 100s of millions of rows exist by product type where each row is roughly 300 bytes wide to ultimately obtain how many gigabytes of data I need to x.ProductType, count_big(*) as ProdCount, (count_big(*)*300) as TotalBytes, ((count_big(*)*300)/1073741... as Gigabytes from fdwintegration.etl.fuelpric... x inner join fdwintegration.etl.FuelProd... y on x.ProductIndicator ......

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How Do I Alphabetize the Application Icons on my Droid?
Click on the App Button (aka: "Drawer" ) -- That's the key with the multiple squares, click on menu , select view type, select alphabetical grid.

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Windows: How do I find what process is locking a file?
Open up an MSDOS command window. Type :net fileThe id, path, user name, loc# for the file will show up in a text list. Once you find the file you want unlock, you'll need to remember the id. To unlock the file, go back to the MSDOS command window. Type:net file 99/close (where 99 = file id)On a windows server there are 2 other ways:1. From an MSDOS command window type: Openfiles.exe /query /s YOUR_SERVER_NAME2. Server Manager>Roles>File Services> Share and Storage Management (right click ......

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Linux/Unix: How do I find any partial file name on any directory?

We've all been there-- like -- where's that offline htm file i bothered to save last week ... oh I think it was blue something... or was it something blue?

find ../ -name '*blue*.htm*'  -print

If you want to keep it in an output file to sort through later while you do something else:

find ../ -name '*blue*.htm*'  -print > $HOME/ foundBlue.txt


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My old (generation 2) nano iPOD won't shut off.

Try holding down the Menu and Selector (push-button circle in the center) down at the same time for at least 2 seconds.

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My iPOD keeps saying "Do Not Disconnect" while charging. I can't listen to anything.
The simplest answer is because the iPOD software detects that it is unsafe (read: data loss) for your iPOD, Computer or both if you were to disconnect the cable without ejecting the device first.Here's what to do:On the Mac-- Click on the Finder icon Pick the iPOD icon.Navigate to the File menu--select Eject iPOD On a Windows OpSys device-- On the Start menu, click Computer (e.g. Windows 7).Right-click on the drive/device letter or iPOD icon (read: the icon doesn't always appear)Select Eject.The ......

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How do I save frequently used SQL Statements in SQL Server?
One convenient way is to make use of the template feature (aka: Template Explorere) in SSMS.

1. Navigate to the View menu in SSMS
2. Select Template Explorer->right click on SQL Server Tempaltes.
3. Click New and create folder; use to add/edit templates.

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How do I switch montor postions? Switching cables didn't help.
For Windows 7:1. Right click any blank area on your desktop. 2. Left click Personalize->Display Settings. A window will open that shows a monitor. 3. Navigate to Change Display Settings. A new window will appear showing 2 monitors. 4. Click Identify Monitors. When the monitor you are on is the main monitor, you will see "This is currently your main display" under Multiple displays. To change this, click on the other monitor and check the box that says "Make this my main display". Click Apply. ......

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Which DMVs are most helpful? Is there a list of them?
As with most questions asked about monitoring/assessing/admini... MS SQL Server installations, the answer is "it depends".There are many other blogs/resources/etc. online that can get into the specifics--think of this mini-blog as a snake-bit kit! :) Overall, to get to a list of objects that fall under the DMV (Dynamic Management Views) category, type this:-- This will show you the views and the functions of all dmv objectsSELECT name, type, type_descFROM sys.system_objects WHERE name LIKE 'dm_%'-- ......

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How can I tell when a stored proc (or function) in sql server was last modified?
You're really looking of the modify_date in the sys.objects table where the type is either a stored proc or a function. This works on a database by database level -- to elevate this search to the server level, you'll have to use the loop sproc sp_msforeachdb SELECT name, create_date, modify_date FROM sys.objectsWHERE type = 'P' -- change 'P' to 'FN' if you're looking for a function and modify_date between cast('2013-09-10' as date) and cast('2013-09-20' as date) ......

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How do I change the value of a column in a CASE statement and eliminate NULLs?
In t-sql/mssql, if you have a known NULL value you can issue a statement like:SELECT ISNULL(BirthDate,'1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM') as BirthDateFROM DrviersThe ISNULL function is replacing any nulls found in the BirthDate column to a default value of 1/1/1970.In other situations, you may not have just NULL values, but other possibilities as well. SELECT ISNULL(BirthDate,'1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM') as BirthDate, CASE WHEN BusinessPhone IS NULL OR BusinessPhone = '' THEN 'Unknown' ELSE BusinessPhone END as BusinessPhoneFROM ......

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I get the error "Can't connect to SSISServer" . How do I fix this?
If you're seeing this error, or a similar access denied error you'll need to have your windows account given DCOM permissions. DBAs generally have the ability to add you.If you're a DBA and want to add a developer to be able to connect to the SSIS services to deploy packages here's a quick punch list:Logon to the target SQL Server. Go to Start->Run type lusrmgr.mscIn the Local Users and Groups dialog box, click Groups->Ditributed COM usersOnce in the Distributed COM users properties dialog ......

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SQL Server Management Studio: Why do I get "Saving changes is not permitted" ?
This happens when you're in the SSMS gui making changes to the table that either affect the behavior of an index, cause existing data to be truncated/nulled, etc. This can also happen you try to change the order of columns, or change datatypes. If your credentials allow it, you can get past this message in order to truly shoot yourself in the foot! :)Navigate to Tools --> OptionsExpand DesingersClick on Table and Database DesignersCheck the box Prevent Saving changes that require table to be re-created ......

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Why can't I connect to SSIS through management studio?
The microsoft integration service is secure by default. The DBA has to grant access to the service in order for it to connect successfully through ssms. To grant access to the Integration Services service Run Dcomcnfg.exe. Dcomcnfg.exe provides a user interface for modifying certain settings in the registry. In the Component Services dialog, expand the Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config node. Right-click Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 11.0, and then click ......

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How do I Install IBM Data Studio 4.1 ?
The download for this workbench is large--somewhere around 1.2 gb. Finding the install exe for linux or windows isn't clear. Basically this download appears to be from a 2 disk distributable set of *.ISO files. Ignore all the distraction scripts in the core directory. Delve into \ibm_ds410_lin64 (I downloaded the 64 bit version) . Look for a directory called Disk1. There you will find the installer images for Windows and Linux.Here's a visual image of what the directory will look like ......

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SSIS: My Toolbox is Missing!
I work with BizTalk (BTS) and SSIS frequently. In one of my environments, whenever I've programmed in BTS, then jump back to SSIS, the SSIS toolbox is missing in action. Here's what I do to solve the problem in that environment:Save the application and close Visual Studio.Go your AppData\Local\Microsoft\Vis... version]Rename the *.tdb files there to something else like *.tdb.xOpen Visual Studio (Note: You will see the progress status bar re-initializing all available toolboxes.)Open ......

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How do I know what Version of BizTalk is on my server?
There are 2 ways to do this, the first is to query the BizTalkDBVersion table:use [BizTalkMgmtDb]goSELECT DatabaseMajor, DatabaseMinor,ProductBuildN... ProductRevision FROM dbo.BizTalkDBVersion; Here is a list of possible BizTalk versions (CUP = cumulative update package, SP = service pack) :BTS20043.0.4902.0BTS2004SP... 3.0.7405.0BTS2006 3.5.1602.0BTS2006R23.6.1404... 3.9.469.0BTS2010CUP13.9.522... ......

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SQL Server: I need to get to a remote server and management studio is broken. How can I login without ssms?
Try using osql . It can be a life saver. Here's an example of the most common usage:osql -E -S myMSSQLServerName /* This uses windows authentication to connect to a server */osql -? /* lists all the switches available to use with osql */Once you see the SQL prompt (1> ) , you can interact with the server.1> USE myDatabaseName2> GO3> SELECT col1, col24> FROM myTable5> GO6> 7> EXIT Here's a link or two to get you started. ......

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In SQL Server, How Do I List all the Constraints by Table or by Column Name?
This one will order the contraints by table: Select SysObjects.[Name] As [Contraint Name] ,Tab.[Name] as [Table Name],Col.[Name] As [Column Name] From SysObjects Inner Join (Select [Name],[ID] From SysObjects Where XType = 'U') As Tab On Tab.[ID] = Sysobjects.[Parent_Obj] Inner Join sysconstraints On sysconstraints.Constid = Sysobjects.[ID] Inner Join SysColumns Col On Col.[ColID] = sysconstraints.[ColID] And Col.[ID] = Tab.[ID] order by Tab.[Name] This one will order the contraints by column: Select ......

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SQL Server: Is there a query I can use that generates similar output to Activity Monitor?
Yes! This query will return very similar information to what activity monitor returns--including the text of the query the process is running (when applicable). -- Query version of Activity Monitor SELECT SessionId = s.session_id, UserProcess = CONVERT(CHAR(1), s.is_user_process), LoginInfo = s.login_name, DbInstance = ISNULL(db_name(r.database_id), N''), TaskState = ISNULL(t.task_state, N''), Command = ISNULL(r.command, N''), App = ISNULL(s.program_name, N''), WaitTime_ms = ISNULL(w.wait_duration_ms, ......

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SQL Server Agent:: I Can't Edit a Job Step because of the error "Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID from the IClassFactory failed"
The immediate workaround to this problem is to open up a new SSMS session, then navigate to the SQL Agent Job you want to edit. At that point, you will be able to make the edit and save the changes.For more information on why this error occurs and the possible release(s) fixes, check out this url:http://connect.microsof... ......

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SSIS: I get the error The column data for column "Column x" overflowed the disk I/O buffer
If you are reading a flat file, you are missing a delimiter somewhere and SSIS is trying to parse for the next value--so it thows an i/o buffer error. Look in the file for the missing delimiter. If the file is too big for that, try chopping up the file up into smaller versions until you find the line with the missing delimiter.

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Eclipse Project:: How do I add an external *.jar file to my project?
1. Navigate to the project. Right-click, go to the Properties menu.
2. Go to the Java Build Path. Choose Libraries. Click the Add External JARs button.
3. Select the jar file/library to add.

NOTE: For projects you own, that you would like to add, use the Add JARs button instead.

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Visio 2010: How do I change the Title when in Borders & Titles?

To edit the text in a title or border in Visio 2010:

1. Look at the bottom of the document, click on the tab for background page  (usually called: VBackground-1)

2. Navigate the shape that has the text you want to change; type in the new text.

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Visio 2010: How do I change the relationship arrows in the database diagram?

For a quick changeover, go to:

Home -> Database -> Display Options ->Relationship

Select the relationship, then Database Properties -> Miscellaneous.

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Why do I get the error "eznwupd.exe has stopped working" on bootup?
The eznwupd.exe program is an update program for the greater spyware program called eznorun.exe. To get rid of this menace, do the following: Go to c:\Program Files\ezn. Delete the directory. Empty the trash to actually remove it. Go to run at the start menu and type: regedit. Search for and remove all keys, values, etc. to eznorun.exe Go to to run at the start menu and type: msconfig. Go to the Startup tab. Delete the eznorum.exe entry. That should do it! You should no longer see this message appearing ......

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How do I fix the error: CS1548: Cryptographic failure while signing assembly ?
The full error in Microsoft Visual Studio on a compile looks like this: error CS1548: Cryptographic failure while signing assembly 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Samples\Analysis Services\Programmability\AM... This is likely due to a missing strong key pair value file. The easiest way to solve this problem is to create a new one. Navigate to: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010>Visual Studio Tools>Visual Studio x64 Win64 ......

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How do I run (execute) a .bin file in Linux (Ubuntu) ?
If you are on a desktop version of Ubuntu, you can right-click on the file icon, click the permissions tab and click on "allow execution". If you are on a server copy without the desktop bells and whistles (or you would rather work with a command line in a terminal window), then do the following: sudo chmod +x myProgram.bin after you enter your password and get the prompt back type: ./myProgram.bin ......

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How do I remove a named instance of sql server 2008 on the same mssql server?
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans... mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; ......

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How do I create and access another sql server db using linked server in SQL Server?
For a full explanation and step-by-step guide to setup a linked server through Sql Management Studio (SMS), check out this reference: http://www.databasejournal.... Here it is in a nutshell: If you are setting up a linked server for another sql server 2005/2008 box, just remember to (1) name the Linked server the same name as its network name, (2) select and provide under the security option ,"Be made ......

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How do I get a listing of all DB instances and table names where a column name occurs in MS SQL Server?
I've been there! You are at a client site and you know you need certain data elements but aren't certain how many databases on a given server ...or ... which tables the data elements you are interested in might appear. Here's a single statement when executed from any SMS query connection that will get you there: EXEC sp_msforeachdb ' DECLARE @pattern nvarchar(100) SET @pattern = ''%elementName%'' IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM [?].information_schema.columns WHERE column_name LIKE @pattern) BEGIN SELECT ......

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How do I get access to DB2 from my .NET applications?
You have at least 2 choices: Source 1: SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack ... this includes Microsoft OLEDB Provider for DB2 Source 2: Available from IBM, is the IBM I Access pack Remember, whichever one you use, you will need to specifiy which libraries under the detail/advance settings in ODBC ......

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Why Won't the Relationship Lines in Visio 2010 Connect to Anything?
That is a very good which only Microsoft has the answer!:-) In the meantime, suffice it to say that every once in awhile, Visio loses track of your Glue/SnapTo settings which you'll need to restore. Here's what to do: 1. In Visio, navigate to "Home", open "View", expand "Visual Aids"2. Once in "Visual Aids", Check or Re-Check the "Glue"box. 3. Under the "Snap To" category, be sure shape intersections, shape handles, shape vertices, and connection points are all checked. 4. Under the ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 13, 2011 1:14 PM | Comments (8)

SQL Server: UPDATE Statement Basics
The last thing anyone wants to do is mess up an UPDATE statement! Here's a quick refresher for those of you using SQL Server: Simplest case (a single row, in a single table with a single known value in a column): UPDATE YourTableName SET Column1 = ‘NewValue’ WHERE SameOrOtherColumn = ‘OldValue’ Most common case (multiple rows, using another table as the source data with multiple columns): UPDATE YourTableName SET ColumnX = OtherTable.Column1, ColumnY = OtherTable.Column2 FROM OtherTable WHERE YourTableName.Column1 ......

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SQL Server: How Can I search for a specific text value in all the stored procedures?
To quickly look through your stored procedure objects for a text value in a database instance, do the following: use [Metro] go SELECT ROUTINE_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES WHERE ROUTINE_DEFINITION LIKE '%whatyouarelookingfor%' AND ROUTINE_TYPE = 'PROCEDURE' Now, this is no replacement for a configuration management repository, but it will do in a pinch. BTW, remember this sql statement does NOT transcend all databases on the server, just a single db instance ......

Posted On Monday, August 29, 2011 3:01 PM | Comments (1)

What happened to my Entity Framework (edmx) File?
If you're like me, you've probably clicked/clacked, docked/undocked the window with the edmx file while you were working on it in visual studio without intending to--and now, the entity diagram is gone and you are unable to open the file again from the solution window! Luckily, the edmx file is just another visually displayed xml file. From the solution window, right click on the edmx file -- select "Open with..." -- choose Xml . Once you see the xml for the edmx file close it. Go back to the solution ......

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Why do I get the error: Specified Named Connection is either not found in the configuration for the EntityClient Provider?
The chances are pretty high that you are creating a multi-tiered application with a solution that may be calling several different projects, one of which is the ADO.NET Entity Framework DAO-layer. In order for the entity frame work to work outside the immediate project that its been created under, you'll have to import the connection string built by the EF wizard at create time to your other project's application or web config file. Here's an example. I have two projects under a single solution, ......

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System.Data.OracleClient is missing or has been depricated. How do I fix this?
Yes, Microsoft is getting quite a reputation for abandoning or deprecating it's data access products/libraries. One thing you can do is download a 3rd party product called dotConnect by DevArt. The express edition is free. ... however, if you are working in a shop that doesn't like its development team to use not well known third party tools, there's an alternative--but it still requires that you go to a non-microsoft source. Use Oracle.DataAccess.dll ......

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Why is Vista so Slow when Browsing (Surfing) the Web?
Vista has an auto tuning feature which is hit and miss, depending on what network appliances/cards/devices you've got hooked up. Try this: 1. Navigate to Start>Programs>Access... Command 2. Type: netsh interface tcp show global 3. Look the line for receive window auto tuning. If it says highlyrestricted type this command (all on one line): netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=restricted 4. Try browsing, if it isn't any better, enter the same command like, just change restricted ......

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How Do I Change a Database Instance Name in SQL Server?
Ten minutes ago I created a scratch db instance with a name I mistyped. Not good! Fortunately, I have admin privileges so I can change it in my lab environment. If you're an admin AND no other users are accessing the DB instance, here's what you can do: USE master go EXEC sp_renamedb 'MetroWrongName', 'MetroRightName' GO If someone is using the instance, there is a workaround. Do this: USE master go -- flag the instance for single user only EXEC sp_dboption 'MetroWrongName','Single User', True GO ......

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How do I Disable FireFox's Browser Cache COMPLETELY?
The worst part about web application development is the phase in the unit testing where we developers swear we've fixed something, but still when we test the change, the fix isn't there. After awhile, we remember to clear the browser cache and we discover the fix worked! In some cases, we really haven't fixed what we thought we fixed--and in other cases, we haven't really cleared the cache. I was working in FireFox recently and realized I hadn't really cleared the cache when I added a new button ......

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Why won't my old x86 (32b) ASP .NET Applications work on my New x64 (64bit) Server?
I can't answer that question in detail, but I can say that on Windows 2003 servers under x64 you must explicitly set up IIS to Allow Web Service Extensions for ASP xxxxx (32) applications. In a console window, type: cscript %SYSTEMDRIVE%\adminscripts\... SET W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32bitA... 1 Then proceed with the following steps: Open IIS; Web Service Extensions Click on Allow All Web Service extensions for a specific application Choose ASP Net vX.Xxxxx (32) Click OK In a command window ......

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How do I read the SQL for a View in T-SQL?
The easiest way in MS SQL 2005 and up is to use the SQL Management Studio, go to Views, highlight the name of the view you are interested in, right click, select Script View as/Create to/Clipboard. open up notepad or your prefered editor and paste the contents of your clipboard. The SQL used to create the view should show up in your editor. If this doesn't work, or if you are working with older versions of SQL Server, look at the system objects as follows: use [YouDatabseInstanceName] go select * ......

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How do I Delete a View? How do I Create a View?
Before I create views, I generally work out what I want to retrieve in my SELECT statement ahead of time so I'll just have to cut and paste the query. The example below is done in T-SQL/Sybase format, however for Oracle and MySQL, just place a semi-colon ';' at the end of your statement and remove the 'GO' command. To drop (delete) an existing view: DROP VIEW vw_rpt_metroBestCustomers GO To create a view: CREATE VIEW vw_rpt_metroBestCustomers ( CustomerName, OfficeNum, City, StateOrProv, Country, ......

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How do I route my SMTP outgoing mail through gmail (Google Mail) ?
Here is the quick answer: Go into your client e software (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) for the account you are working on (usually default). Set the SMTP server to Set the username as your gmail account user name (e.g. Gmail will need the username and password you use for that account, so if your default is set to some other email, be sure to set the username and password to that value, or click on the checkbox for username/password. Check TLS as the secure connection. ......

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How do I know what version of IIS I am running?
I've encountered a LOT of posts on this--some of them represent a LOT of unnecessary work. Here's the simple way: 1. Navigate to Administrative Tools. 2. Go to Internet Information Services (IIS) 3. If you last looked at something, Navigate to ABOVE your server name -- where it says "Internet Information Services" 4. Look to the right. You should see something that looks like this: computer local version -------------------------- ------- ------------- YourComputerName yes IIS V6.0 You're DONE ......

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How do I list every table and every column in the table in SQL Server?
The sys.tables and sys.columns objects will return this information for you. The following SQL statement will bring bring back all the colunns in all the tables ordered by the table name then the column name. SELECT AS table_name, SCHEMA_NAME (schema_id) AS schema_name, col .name AS column_name FROM sys.tables AS tbl INNER JOIN sys.columns col ON tbl.OBJECT_ID = col.OBJECT_ID ORDER BY schema_name, table_name; ......

Posted On Sunday, October 10, 2010 10:32 PM | Comments (2)

How do I find all instances of a column name in my SQL Server database?
The objects that help you find this info in SQL Server are in sys.tables and sys.columns SELECT AS table_name, SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, AS column_name FROM sys.tables AS tbl INNER JOIN sys.columns col ON tbl.OBJECT_ID = col.OBJECT_ID WHERE LIKE '%YourColumnNameHere%' ORDER BY schema_name, table_name; This will bring back every table that has a reference to '%YourColumnNameHere%' ......

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How do I edit the registry in windows?
Please do NOT edit the registry without backing it up first, the results could be disasterous! Step 1: Back up the registry in Windows XP as follows: a. Go to Start>Run then type %SystemRoot%\system32\resto... Click OK. b. On the System Restore page, click "Create a restore point". Click Next . c. On the Create a Restore Point page, type a name for the restore point you will remember. Click Create d. Once created, click Close. NOTE: If the restore is turned off, you will see a message ......

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How do I Debug my SQL Server Stored Procedures?
If you don't have the Visual Studio IDE to work with, you can go the old fashioned route with issuing PRINT statements. If you do have the Visual Studio IDE available, execute the following steps: open visual studio navigate to server explorer create/open a connection to your database right click on the stored proc you want to work with and choose "Step into stored procedure" For more details, or for a more visual example with the instructions, navigate to this url: ......

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Why did I get the error: Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'yourEnumDef.type' in my C# program?
If you are working with enum types, you were probably trying to assign something like an input string to the constants you defined as an enum type earlier. let's say you created an enum type called PoliticianType enum PoliticianType { knownothing = 1000, whig = 1010, federalist = 1020, republican = 1030, democrat = 1040 } ...and you had a console app that was accepting user input from a readline statement: Console.Write("Which political party? (press CTRL+Z to exit): "); string political_party = ......

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How do I move my cursor OUT of the Sun Virtual Box back to my Windows environment?

For Sun Virtual Box:

 use the Right-Ctrl (read: the ctrl key on the right side of your keyboard).


For VM Player:

ctrl + alt

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Why Won't My Dell Latitude D820 Show Anything on My External Monitor?
On your keyboard you'll see the function 8 key (F8). This is the key that controls flip-flopping between lcd/crt. You'll also see another key near the control key [Ctrl] called FN. FN is the function key. Try this key sequence to invoke the second/external monior: FN + F8 (click these at the same time). This should wake up the monitor ......

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How do I Fix SQL Server error: Order by items must appear in the select list if Select distinct is specified.
There's more than one reason why you may receive this error, but the most common reason is that your order by statement column list doesn't correlate with your intended column-to-retrieve list when you happen to be using DISTINCT. This is usually easy to spot. A more obscure reason may be that you are using a function around one of the selected columns --but omitting to use the same function around the same selected column name in the order by statement. Here's an example: select distinct upper(columnA) ......

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How do I move a table from one schema to another in SQL Server?
This should work for SQL Server 2005/2008-- ALTER SCHEMA SchemaNameForTarget TRANSFER SchemaNameOfSource.MyTableName example: ALTER SCHEMA RiskEvaluation TRANSFER dbo.ConvertibleDebenture ......

Posted On Monday, November 23, 2009 6:04 AM | Comments (1)

How do I create an Index that is NOT the primary on my tables?

To create a index on a single column, do this:


In some cases, you may have a need to combine columns to hasten known unique combinations. This is knonw as a composite key. An example:

CREATE INDEX IDX_OperatingCompanyFERC ON FERC(OpCompanyID,FercName)

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How do I cycle through a Collection?
Here are the 2 common patterns in .NET: GIVEN: PATTERN #1: Note: this method will work with collections that are typed, but not necessarily defined in a class which manages enumeration string itemName; for (int index = 0; index < OrderList.Count;index++) { itemName = OrderList[index].ItemName; // do stuff here } PATTERN #2 using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; namespace AskPaulaExamples { public class Whine { // define AND dub the collection with something List<string> ......

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Why Can't I compile my LINQ code?
If you're getting this message: The type 'System.Data.Linq.DataContext' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Data.Linq, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934... C:\Documents and Settings\pldital\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\PatentableSer... ... add... System.Data.Linq as a reference to your project. I still get bit every once in awhile (read: pasting together a poc) ......

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Where is my Host file on Windows?
usually your host file (DNS/ip addresses) can be found under:


Posted On Friday, May 29, 2009 7:53 AM | Comments (1)

The Wrong Program is Active when I double Click on a File. How Do I Change it Back? (AKA: How do I change My File Type Association?)
This can be a really irritating problem when suddenly the EXCEL file on your desktop you used to double-click on no longer gets viewed via Microsoft EXCEL, but instead gets viewed through the Microsoft Excel READER program instead! In essence, either a new program you've installed has reset the file association, or you are working on a new computer that may have different software--overall, this area has to do with File Management/File Extension types. Here's what to do: In Windows XP: 1. Look for ......

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Why do I get the error: "General failure. The URL was: [http text]. The system cannot find file specified" When I click a link from an Outlook Message?
In a nutshell, this is a FireFox last release issue. If Internet Explorer is not your default browser, go into the internet options page (under the gear icon in IE 7) , then go to the programs tab. Click on the 'Make Default' button, then 'Apply'. Try clicking on the link from your email message again. The message should now be gone. Raymond @ has a GREAT detailed blog entry on this issue explaining all of the reasons and conditions. ......

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Why am I getting a binding error on an *.msi file for a re-deployment of a BizTalk application that doesn't contain any bindings?
When this dreaded error crops up, its usually right in the midst of a fast and furious development effort. That's always been the case for me! To solve it in a hurry, I just dub the app with a higher version number, recompile and move on--at least that is what I did when I was a bts developer. Now that I'm a bts admin, I've delved into the topic more. Although the re-versioning scenario works, it is possible to re-deploy an *.msi package with the same version number using these few steps: Go to \Documents ......

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Why am I getting the error: CLSID_BizTalkPropertyBagFactory error in the BTS Admin console
Perhaps you've experienced the scenario where you hit the F5 key on the Group Overview in the BizTalk Admin console and instead of seeing your message queues, you see instead the very ugly () message: Failed to create a CLSID_BizTalkPropertyBagFac... COM component installed with a BizTalk server. A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. (WinMgmt) Go to the event viewer and look for any COM/COM+ errors under applications. Chances are you will see a conflict with WMI services--perhaps ......

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Why am I getting the error: SQL Network Interfaces: The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted.[SQL Native Client]Cannot generate SSPI context
The full error message looks like this: [SNAC] “[SQL Native Client]SQL Network Interfaces: The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted.[SQL Native Client]Cannot generate SSPI context” [MDAC] “Cannot generate SSPI context”; [.Net1.0/2.0]” Failed System.Data.SqlClient.SqlEx... Cannot generate SSPI context” When this message occurs--especially when the same access 20 minutes ago worked, chances are you've logged off of your primary network. An example would be that at work you were using an ......

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How do I view/see the PATH in a windows environment?

For those of you working with LINUX/UNIX and you've typed:

c:> echo $PATH a command line expecting to see everything in your path on startup and saw only 'PATH', don't fret!

type this instead:

c:> echo %path%


Posted On Thursday, December 18, 2008 5:47 AM | Comments (6)

Why am I getting the "operation has been canceled" message in Outllook?
If you are getting the message... This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer ...whenever you try to click on a hyperlink in a mail message when you are in Outlook or in a Word document, it is primarily because your default web browser has a 3rd-party setting that doesn't work and play well with Office products. For example if you are using the FireFox web browser, try changing the default web application to be Internet Explorer. To do this, follow these steps: ......

Posted On Sunday, December 7, 2008 1:44 PM | Comments (0)

Where Can I Find Remote Desktop?
Remote Desktop is actually called mstsc.exe and can be found under: %SystemRoot%\system32  (Usually C:\Windows\system32.

Posted On Friday, December 5, 2008 8:28 PM | Comments (0)

How do I Configure Multiple Web Sites in IIS or How do I Add/Edit Host Headers?
You may need to map multiple web sites with the same port number or you may want to map an IP address that has been set to a netscaler vip/ip to multiple servers. IIS 6.0+ allows you to do that with a feature called Host Header Names. For the official details, review Microsoft's web site: Here's how it works: Let's say you have a DNS entry called MetroDesignDev.LoadBalanced... @ ip address: and one of the load balanced twins (ServerAlphaTwin) ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 5, 2008 2:40 PM | Comments (2)

How do I know how many processors my server is running with?
This would be a common question when trying to figure out licensing compliance in the corporate world!:-) Usually when folks are looking for information about processors, they're probably also interested in the number of cores too! Generally, the manufacturer--DELL, HP, etc. have managment tools on board that get you close--but the best tool out there that I know of for answering the "how many processors" and "how much core" question(s) is something called SIW (System Information for Hardware) . ......

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How do I fix this error: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0
You've probably just converted your vs 2005 web project with ajax to vs 2008. This is because Visual Studio 2008 has a newer, built-in version. The fix is short and sweet! Remove the System.Web.Extensions from references, then add them back again! That should connect you with the correct assembly. If you're uncertain how to remove the reference, check this out: ......

Posted On Thursday, September 4, 2008 10:54 AM | Comments (0)

Where do I add references to a project in visual studio 2008 (vs 2008)?
Let's say you've converted a vs 2005 asp .net project over to vs 2008 and you have old ajax references like System.Web.Extensions, etc. that you want to get rid of, but they don't show up under the Solution view. The way to remove those references (or add new ones) is to do the following: Right click on the solution (assuming the solution view is active) Select Property pages At the bottom of the dialog box you'll be able to Add, Remove or update ......

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How do I know which version of BizTalk I am running?

The quickest way is to do the following:

  1. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel
  2. Select Add/Remove Programs
  3. Scroll unitl you find BizTalk
  4. Click on the support anchor (see screen shot below)

 Lookup BizTalk Version Info

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Where can I find the IIS Logs?
The pattern in most environments is the %windows% directory, %system32% ... etc. There are other w3 formatted directories under \LogFIles -- but primarily most folks will be looking under this directory for what they need: C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFile... Once you're there, the actual log files will look like: exYYMMDD.log (e.g. ex080802.log) ......

Posted On Saturday, August 2, 2008 12:31 PM | Comments (1)

Is there a "DUAL" database equivalent in SQL Server?

There isn't a "DUAL" exactly, but you can test things out in SQL Server in a similar way for example in Oracle to get today's date/time you would type:

SQL> SELECT sysdate from DUAL;

To do the same thing in MS SQL Server type:

SELECT getdate()

Posted On Tuesday, June 10, 2008 6:29 AM | Comments (2)

My *.chm help files are broken, how do I fix it?
You may have discovered this when you were attempting to rummage through Internet Explorer's help files, or perhaps you've just downloaded a help file from another vendor with the *.chm file type. In either case you'll see something that looks like this: This was either caused by a Microsoft Security upgrade or by installing Microsft Windows Server 2003 SP1 which included changes to the InfoTech protocol that blocked the ability to view remote content. To correct this, execute the following steps: ......

Posted On Thursday, May 22, 2008 11:27 AM | Comments (3)

How do I know if I'm running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows?
The most comprehensive guide to outlining the steps on what to do to find out is provided by Microsoft, located on their website under : , but here's a cheat-sheet version to keep handy! XP or Windows Server 2003 Click Start>Run Type sysdm.cpl . Click OK Click the General tab. Look at the operating system. If the operating system has an x64 in it, then you are running a 64-bit version. If you do NOT see this, you are running the 32-bit version. Vista ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 6:23 AM | Comments (2)

Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager doesn't work or won't load, why?
There are several reasons why the Business Contact Manager (BCM) might not load, rather than guess, the best thing to do is to have BCM generate a log file so you can analyze the problem more methodically! How cool is that ? Here's what you need to do to invoke logging in BCM: In Outlook, go to the Help Menu Click on About Business Contact Manager for Outlook. A window will open, in this window click on the checkbox to enable logging for BCM. The log file that get's generated is located under: c:\Users\YourName\AppData\L... ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 4:55 AM | Comments (1)

Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager Fails to Initialize the Common Language Runtime, Why?
If you are seeing the message: Business Contact Manager failed to initialize the Common Language Runtime. ECall methods must be packaged into a subsystem module, BCM isn't really the trouble. You are getting this message because on or around April 11, 2008 an automatic update from Microsoft downloaded a damaged component of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. On the bright side, today is May 20, 2008 and a patch has already been downloaded on an automatic update. You'll just have to repair it! To repair ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 4:31 AM | Comments (1)

Why do EDI permissions fail in BizTalk?
I am getting the message: "Unable to set permissions on the shared documents home folder" This is probably happening because the needed membership in the security groups for EDI/SQL roles aren't set up all the way through, it is likely some of it is set up already and some of it isn't -- so when your bts service account is trying to execute EDI, you see this sort of error. To correct this, try these quick few steps first. If all else fails, Microsoft has an online reference: ......

Posted On Monday, April 21, 2008 9:03 AM | Comments (1)

My USB keeps changing drive letters, why?
Unless you configure the drive from a few levels under Administrative Tools, the drive will appear to randomly select a letter. For example, one day when you plug your USB drive in, you'll see E: and on another occassion you'll see F:. It's not really random--its actually tied to which USB ports are available and the internal definitions of the ports by sequence. This can be troublesome should you have shortcuts on your desktop that point to programs on your USB drive. The install packages would ......

Posted On Thursday, March 13, 2008 8:18 AM | Comments (9)

VS gives the error LockClrVersion, Why?
If you are getting an error message with the phrase LockClrVersion could not be located in the dynamic link library mscoree.dll it is probably because you don't have the correct .net framework loaded. For the newer versions of C#/VB/ (Visual Studio 8.0), you'll need to load the v2.0 .net framework. If you're trying to execute Visual Studio from a location that isn't associated with your machine's installation, you'll probably move the error to some other error--at which point, a reinstall ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 12, 2008 8:52 AM | Comments (2)

My window is cut-off or truncated. Why?
If an application window, like the one to the left, keeps you from being able to enter data because it cannot be maximized or it is not enabled to scroll up or down, it is usually because the programmer made some assumptions about the display settings. To compensate for that, you'll have to change the display settings on your computer. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Start>Control Panel>Display> Appearance>Color Scheme 2. Choose something like Desert, which displays at a smaller font. ......

Posted On Tuesday, March 11, 2008 12:52 PM | Comments (1)

What is a BizTalk "Host Instance"?
To answer this question, a more basic question to ask would be what is a BizTalk host, since a host must exist before an instance of it can exisit! This distinction may be confusing to BizTalk newcomers because when navigating through the BizTalk Admin Console, hosts and host instances are viewed separately. In mid-90's techno-speak, (READ: about the time-frame where the development of the BizTalk/Commerce Server got its start) the host would have been thought of as a container for related adapter ......

Posted On Friday, February 29, 2008 7:53 AM | Comments (0)

What is an "event storm"?
Loosely stated, an event storm is a large number of warming, informational and error class occurrances on a given node (or array of nodes) over a relatively short period of time. Since these events must be detected and addressed to improve the health and reliability of any given system, a whole science and collection of supporting applications exist to best manage these occurrances. The best academic abstract/whitepaper I've seen on the topic comes from Mouayad Albaghdadi, Bruce Briley and Martha ......

Posted On Monday, February 4, 2008 11:31 AM | Comments (2)

Why do I get a "load file or assembly" error?
If you are getting an error when attempting to access your ASP .NET application that looks like: Parser Error Message: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad36... or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. You are probably missing AJAX v1.0 ......

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2008 11:04 AM | Comments (0)

What is a "splitter pattern" in BizTalk?
Overall, when an incoming XML message contains multiple potential single messages, the extraction process needed to separate the messages out is thought of as "splitting " or "shredding" the message. The splitter pattern then, is a reliable, uniform way to address splitting/shredding throughout your applications. An example for why your application might need to split messages would be something like a single input XML message with multple pension fund benefits for multiple persons which require ......

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2008 5:48 AM | Comments (0)

What is a "jar" file?
Simply, JAR stands for Java ARchive. It's like a ZIP (Windows) or TAR (Unix/Linux) file with multiple other files contained within it. So, in the case of the *.jar files--what you're compressing are classes that your application/framework needs. was the very short version... if you're looking for a much richer explanation... jump over to Behrouz Fallahi's page... ( ......

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What is "Hungarian Notation" ?
During the heyday of Microsoft's Visual C++ development (read: late 80's - early 90's) this naming convention was talked about a lot. In essence the naming convention prefixes each variable name with letters that denote the data type + a shortened description name -- with each word of the description beginning with a capital letter. Let's say you needed to create a variable that would contain the string value of a book title. You might choose a name like: strBookTitle or maybe just strTitle. Today, ......

Posted On Saturday, January 26, 2008 11:28 AM | Comments (2)

Why do I get: System.Byte[] for a String?
There are several circumstances which will display this output (or exception in some cases) in .NET, however the primary reason is because there is a mismatch between the expected format and the casting taking place in your application. An example would be attributes which are bound to LDAP that do not readily cast to string. Here is a quick solution (that has its roots in vc++) for successfully casting this datatype to string: byte[] myByteArray = (byte[])result.Properties["... ......

Posted On Friday, January 25, 2008 11:45 AM | Comments (1)

Why can't I test my web service anymore?
If you are getting the message: The test form is only available for requests from the local machine it is because you are probably testing the web service from the remote box you just migrated the web service to! The quick solution to that is to follow the advice of Juan Ignacio Gelos... ( ...and do the following: 1. Edit the web.config file for your web service application. Add or Edit: <configuration> <system.web> <webServices> ......

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