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I get the error "Can't connect to SSISServer" . How do I fix this?

If you're seeing this error, or a similar access denied error you'll need to have your windows account given DCOM permissions. DBAs generally have the ability to add you.

If you're a DBA and want to add a developer to be able to connect to the SSIS services to deploy packages here's a quick punch list:

  1. Logon to the target SQL Server. Go to Start->Run  type lusrmgr.msc
  2. In the Local Users and Groups dialog box, click Groups->Ditributed COM users
  3. Once in the Distributed COM users properties dialog box, click Add
  4. Select the User click OK
  5. Go back to Start->Run type dcomcnfg
  6. In the Component Services dialog box, drill down to Component Services->Computers->MyComputer
  7. Under DCOM Config, right click MsDtsServer, click Properties
  8. In MsDtsServer100 Properties dialog box, click Security tab
  9. Under Launch and Activate Permissions, go to Customize->Edit
  10. Under Launch Permissions click Add
  11. Under Select Users or Groups, type the user name, click OK
  12. Under Permissions for the user, Allow or check the checkbox for all 4 (local,remote launch/activation)
  13. Click OK. Do steps 11-12 for Access Permissions.

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