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Why won't my old x86 (32b) ASP .NET Applications work on my New x64 (64bit) Server?

I can't answer that question in detail, but I can say that on Windows 2003 servers under x64 you must explicitly set up IIS to Allow Web Service Extensions for ASP xxxxx (32) applications. In a console window, type: cscript %SYSTEMDRIVE%\adminscripts\... SET W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32bitA... 1 Then proceed with the following steps: Open IIS; Web Service Extensions Click on Allow All Web Service extensions for a specific application Choose ASP Net vX.Xxxxx (32) Click OK In a command window ......

Why Won't My Dell Latitude D820 Show Anything on My External Monitor?

On your keyboard you'll see the function 8 key (F8). This is the key that controls flip-flopping between lcd/crt. You'll also see another key near the control key [Ctrl] called FN. FN is the function key. Try this key sequence to invoke the second/external monior: FN + F8 (click these at the same time). This should wake up the monitor ......

How do I Configure Multiple Web Sites in IIS or How do I Add/Edit Host Headers?

You may need to map multiple web sites with the same port number or you may want to map an IP address that has been set to a netscaler vip/ip to multiple servers. IIS 6.0+ allows you to do that with a feature called Host Header Names. For the official details, review Microsoft's web site: Here's how it works: Let's say you have a DNS entry called MetroDesignDev.LoadBalanced... @ ip address: and one of the load balanced twins (ServerAlphaTwin) ......