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With the advent of broadband and wireless technology, it seriously has changed the face of wireless communication and entertainment.  Who would have thought that a few years before that with your cell phone you can place an international call to a land line when flying at an altitude of 40000 ft.  for abysmally low rate ; or watch a numerous media files on your TV that you have on your computer using UPnP media bridge - all for a relatively cheap investment and often exceeding in value - that you do not regret!

I certainly am drawn to this mind set with this mind boggling possibilities of using the PC with broadband (especially if you have good speed - like comcast here in Atlanta averaging 6Mbps).  With Skype, you can get a phone number with voicemail, and receive calls on them, virtually anywhere in the world, as long as you have a broadband connection. Add to that some cool utilities like Skype PTT client for a series 60 Nokia phone or similar utility to receive/ call using a Bluetooth connection to your PC and you might work out your phone bill lower than you had expected. If you are a mobile person, be sure to check out SkypeOut to virtually call any land line /cell phone in the world for some great rates, except for India (22 c/min - seems too much :(  when compared to regular calling cards which run around 13c/min ). I am sure going forward you can see many competitors joining in the broadband services domain leading to a a quality service with lower rates. No wonder, even the recent hype of MS leaked memo had a mention of Skype and Internet telephony.

How about entertainment ? For some of the folks who like to watch say a webcast from one of the Channel 9 shows/ MSDN TV or even your favorite webcast (including those cricket matches - which are much cheaper and accessible online) on your TV or just a way to watch a pre-recorded show on your PC/ listen to Internet radio stream from the world in your stereo surround sound - all made possible using UPnP and media extenders and media servers - Windows Media Connect for e.g.. Although, the Window media edition did not quite get the attention, products like the Linksys media extenders, Roku Soundbrige and multitude of other UPnP devices - GoVideo D2730 media player with UPnP are gaining popularity and soon would probably become more mainstream.

What more can you do - well frankly, it all left to how much you can achieve by a mix and match of these technologies to achieve desired results at relatively low costs.

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