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Amusingly MOSS ...It's funny how difficult some stuff is when it really shouldn't be

A co-worker shared this gem with me, and every bit of it is true.  This is a must-read for aspiring architects.

One thing that I really appreciate about the articles on this site is that they draw a clear distinction between an architect and a senior developer who calls himself an architect.  While many people feel that a certain number of years of programming experience entitle you to architect status, programmers and archtitects speak different languages and use different tools to create their deliverables, and are responsible to different types of people.

There is a lot to be said here that the site says far better than I can.  I highly recommend that you read it, absorb it, live it.

I'll also leave you with some food for thought:  What would you call the key qualities that distinguish a true architect from a senior programmer who calls himself an architect?  Feel free to drop comments if you like - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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