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1. Setup the Karma Trx Reporter.
2. Add Publish Results Build Step using  ../TestResults/**/karma-test-results.trx as the path.
3. If remote Vm for Jasmine tests, copy the .trx file to the Results directory.


Our team has been using JasmineJs for unit testing our client side JavaScript code. We now have over 3,000 tests! In order to run these tests on multiple browsers we useKarma, the "Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript" created by people from Google to run all our tests on multiple browsers. We are also using Microsoft's TFS Build (which is leaps and bounds improved over the old XAML build system) to run our tests in Gated Check ins, create build artifacts (dlls, installers, Azure packages), deploy to test environments and all number of fun things.

The default output results in the build from Karma has not been very helpful, just saying 1 of 1 passed or 0 of 1. We'd then have to open up a .trx file and look through the output to find which test failed.


See the rest of the article at Gooroo.

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2016 7:54 AM Unit Testing , JavaScript , Jasmine , Build Tools , DevOps | Back to top

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