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We've found that some of the timing gets off for running our Selenium tests on our Vms during our builds. This has lead to inconsistent results and failures and a lot of consternation and frustration. It passed 5 times in a row on my local machine, but failed 1 out of 3 in the build!!


Disabling animations for the test run has helped us (along with being better at waiting for our Knockout elements to load, which is a future article I’m working on) and I wanted to share it with you. Just run this after launching the browser, before running your test.

It’s written in C# and uses jQuery and RequireJs.

public static void DisableAnimations()
    // This script should turn off 99% of the animations and transitions in the site. Hopefully this helps settle down some animations
    const string script = "require(['jquery'], function($) {" +
                            "$(function(){" +
                                "$ = true;" +
                                "var styleEl = document.createElement('style');" +
                                "styleEl.textContent = '*{ transition: none !important; transition-property: none !important; }';" +
                                "document.head.appendChild(styleEl);" +
                            "});" +
    if (Driver.Capabilities.IsJavaScriptEnabled)
        catch (Exception)
            Debug.WriteLine("Could not disable animations");
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