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I’m a fan of Codealike and run with their extension while I’m in Visual Studio. It tracks a surprising amount of data on which projects I’m working on, where in the code, time spent building, code languages used, focus, web sites visited to help you gauge productivity (if you let it), many new features in 2014, and they’re even trying to measure technical debt.

There’s more there then I have to too look at often, but the premium access (which they gave me 3 months free, thanks CodeAlike!) has a lot of information. Teams look interesting, but I haven’t recruited those I work with yet.


Look for Aligned in the top 20 for 2014. That’s me :-) Here’s my profile fact page.

It’s worth checking out. Have fun!

They asked if I would give them a quote and a pic to use on their site. It’s random, but here is a screenshot. Pretty fun!


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