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I saw that the readme files for ASP NET 5 Home and ASP NET Data Project still said vNext so I made a pull request on github to change it to the announced official name of ASP .NET 5.

It turns out I needed to sign a CLA (Contribution License Agreement) for Microsoft Open Technologies. It was pretty easy, I just had to talk to my supervisor and get permission and a sign off from them. They used and a few emails later it was completed and confirmed. Here’s more information about contributing.


Here are the links to my pull requests:

I can now say I’ve contributed to ASP .NET 5 (in a very small way). This is pretty cool that we can do that. Here’s my github account though there isn’t much in it.


Edit: I'm "internet famous" look for the screenshot next to open source logankd/patch. That was me :-)


Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 4:11 PM ASP.Net , Git | Back to top

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