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"free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death." Romans 8:2 (ESV) Check out the Falling Plates video on YouTube.
more about the Gospel
And then listen to Francis Chan speaking at LifeLight in SD.

Programming and Learning from SD

Here are more links and resources that I found valuable and learned from this month. Merry Christmas and may you understand that “God came to earth to redeem his people (Emmanuel, Christ with us).”

2015 will be an exciting year in technology!


Floyd Marinescu CEO of InfoQ on the (12/1/2014) I caught a few minutes of it, but it is 57:35 long.
Interesting chart at 7:24, mentioning a Tribal Culture book that I remember hearing Vince talk about.

He had some good ideas/insight on how they use Yammer, IM, emails, dashboards, etc in their distributed team.

Web Development

Chrome Developer Tools with Shay Friedman Dot Net Rocks Podcast

- hints and tips start at around 40 minutes: run document.body.contentEditable = true in your console, then you can edit a text element directly to try out translation strings. This is in the HTML spec now.

- min 45: can debug against an actual chrome based app on the phone

- css selector in ctrl+f or console

  • This was really good and well worth watching to get ramped up for ASP Net 5.
  • Scott Hunter said this is as big of a change as it was moving from ASP classic to ASP.Net.
  • kpm can call bower, nuGet, and npm to get dependencies
    • the json file for packages has a file watcher, so adding a dependency there (with intellisense) adds it to the project file as well
    • NuGet looks a lot better, packages are stored in the user/kvm/packages (something like that) to avoid tons of duplicates and save you disk space
    • the csproj is different the visual studio project files can be deleted and are easily re-generated by VS, letting people work in different IDEs
  • You can use VS, something else or the command line
  • Setup Karma or other JS testing tools and integrate directly with VS
  • Run commands through configuration
  • UI for setting up Grunt or Gulp tasks
  • Dependency injection all over, setup MiddleWare or services in the Startup.cs
  • You can start from absolutely nothing and build up adding MiddleWare (IIS, WebListener, ErrorHandlers, etc) and Services (MVC)
  • You “use” middleware and “add” services

Netflix JavaScript Talks - Version 7: The Evolution of JavaScript - video

Development – His Specifications By Example book is eye opening and we’re discussing it as a group at my company. I’ll have to do a post on it sometime. – roadmap for VS online and TFS

Databases in Continuous Delivery with Enrico Campidoglio

Angular JS – a must sign-up if you’re interested in AngularJS – from ng-newsletter – from ng-newsletter 


Building the Hoover Dam – The real story of Louis Zamperini in the movie Unbroken.

What $1 trillion looks like

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