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I’m refactoring code to use a prototypal inheritance instead of the Revealing Module Pattern. I’m using TypeScript for inheritance, seeing what it kicks out and copying and modifying that (that’d be worth a blog post). There were a few modifications that I needed to make.

Bonus: this is a good video about JavaScript inheritance.

Subscribe and Computed need a different approach. See This code snippet is from Anders.

ViewModel = function() {
   this.fullName = ko.computed(this.getFullName, this);

ViewModel.prototype = {
   getFullName: function() {
      return this.firstName() + " " + this.lastName();

A sample of a view model after the refactor:

TestVm = (function (_super) {
    "use strict";
    __extends(TestVm, _super);
   TestVM = function (){
        // constructor
       // setup properties for binding
       this.Title = ko.observable('Hello!');
       this.Movies = ko.observableArray();
       this.SelectedMovie = ko.observable();
       // handle observable subscribes
       this.SelectedMovie.subscribe(this.subscribeSelectedMovie, this);
       // handle computed
        this.NewestMovie = ko.computed(this.computedNewestMovie, this);
  // methods
 TestVM.prototype.Init = function(){
    // have to use call to send this as the context.;
     // save self, so it can be used inside the complete
     var self = this;
     .done(function (results) {
       // watch out 'this' is no longer 'this'!
  TestVm.prototype.subscribeSelectedMovie = function (movie) { + " selected");
  TestVm.prototype.computedNewestMovie = function (){
     // add real code to find the newest movie
     return this.Movies()[0];
Events also need the view model passed in through the html binding syntax. Here’s an example using Wijmo’s slider. Notice the OnSliderChanged event linking.
  <div id="slider" data-bind="wijslider: {
        orientation: 'horizontal',
        range: false,
        min: HistoryMin,
        max: HistoryMax,
        step: 1,
        value: HistoryIndex,
        change: function () { OnSliderChanged($data) },
        stop: function () { OnSliderStopped($data) }
TestVm.prototype.OnSliderChanged = function (vm){

    // use vm instead of this

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# re: Knockout with Prototype and Inheritance
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I have an issue with Knockout where I prototype a user object where the observable properties of my object seem to be overwritten by the last occurrence.

Therefore I cannot use the same object more than once otherwise it will be overwritten.

Although this is hard to explain, see my fiddle.

What am I doing wrong? (or is this a bug in Knockout?) How can I fix the problem.
Left by Boss on Dec 23, 2015 12:09 PM

# re: Knockout with Prototype and Inheritance
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Unfortunately, your Fiddle link wasn't in the comment. Could you add another comment with the link?

Left by Kevin on Dec 28, 2015 8:32 AM

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