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I was trying to do a partial mock in FakeItEasy and kept getting "The current proxy generator can not intercept the specified method for the following reason: - Sealed methods can not be intercepted".

The fix is to make the method virtual. (notice the A.Fake<LayoutManager>, not A.Fake<ILayoutManager> for the partial mock)
var layoutManagerFake = A.Fake<LayoutManager>();
A.CallTo(() => layoutManagerFake.UpdateAssigned(1, assigned, "user")).CallsBaseMethod();
In LayoutManager (note the virtual)
public virtual void UpdateAssigned(int layoutId, List<int> assignedList, string updateType)
 // do stuff
Then the exception goes away
Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 3:09 PM Unit Testing , Mocking | Back to top

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