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MVVM Light has Messaging that helps keep View Models decoupled, isolated, and keep the separation of concerns, while allowing them to communicate with each other. This is a very helpful feature. One View Model can send off a message and if anyone is listening for it, they will react, otherwise nothing will happen. I now want to do the same with KnockoutJs View Models.

Here are some links on how to do this: ~ this is a great article describing the ko.subscribable type. ~ shows how to do the subscription will be used to help with the PubSub (described in the blog post above) through the Nuget package. of knockout-postbox

Implementation using knockout-postbox:

Use syncWith for two-way synchronization.

self.selectedElement= ko.observable().syncWith (“selectedElement”);

ElementListComponentVM example:
self.selectedElement= ko.observable().syncWith(“selectedElement”);

// do something with the selection change

self.selectedElement= ko.observable().syncWith (“selectedElement”);

// subscribe example

ko.postbox.subscribe(“changeMessage”, function(newValue){


// or use subscribeTo

this.visible = ko.observable().subscribeTo("section", function(newValue) {
// do something here

· Use ko.toJS to avoid both sides having the same reference (see the blog post).

· unsubscribeFrom should be called when the dialog is hidden or closed

· Use publishOn to automatically send out messages when an observable changes

o ko.observable().publishOn(“section”);

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Awesome! I always use amplify.js for pub-sub. I didn't know it was built in to KO.
Left by Ryan on Nov 29, 2012 1:59 PM

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