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It took awhile to find the right NuGet package to use to create and decode a QR code, but we found it. The ZXing.Net port of the Java version turned out to be quick and easy to use. Scott Hanselman had an example of decoding a QR code in his blog, and I adapted the code from the ZXing.Net site and his to create this LinqPad demo. Fire up the great LinqPad ......

NuGet doesn't do automatic updating on it's own. If you wanted to do automatic updating with NuGet, which I wouldn't recommend it against public packages (EF, MVC, etc), you’ve probably found it’s not easy to do. We've been using batch files to pull dlls off the network at build time for Continuous Integration, but this can get a little messy. We though ......

Mar 15
Today in a meeting the leader was sharing a OneNote file to take notes via a remote meeting screen share. As he was formulating how the meeting should go (writing down questions for the group), I asked if he could zoom in on the text, since it was really small on our TV screen. “How do I do that?”. Someone on the other end said Alt+F4. Very quickly ......

On the back of the latest MSDN magazine (March 2015) : There was a link to Syncfusion's community license for its controls. This free license that can be used to "build commercial applications", has a $9,975 value, 12 platforms, and 650 controls. This might be useful for your next project. You have to put in an email and phone, but I already have an ......

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