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Part of the challenge with HTML5 is understanding the range of different technologies and finding good samples. The following are some of the sites I have found most useful.

IE TestDrive
A good set of demos using touch, appcache, IndexDB, etc. Some of these only work with IE10. Be sure to click the "More Demos" link at the bottom for a longer list of Demos in a nicely organized list form.

Chrome Experiments
Chrome browser-oriented sumbitted sites with a heavy emphasis on display technologies (WebGL & Canvas)

Adobe Expressive Web
Adobe provides a dozen HTML5 & CSS3 samples. I seem to end up playing the "Breakout" style Canvas demo every time I visit the site.

Mozilla Demo Studio
About 100 varied HTML5-related submitted web sites. If you click the "Browse By Technology" button there are other samples for File API, IndexedDB, etc.

Introducing HTML5 samples
Specific Tech examples related to the "Introducing HTML5" book by Bruce Lawson & Remy Sharp

HTML5 Gallery
HTML5 Gallery focuses on "real" sites - sites that were not specifically intended to showcase a particular HTML5 feature. The actual use of HTML5 tech can vary from link to link, but it is useful to see real-world uses.

FaceBook Developers HTML5 Showcase
A good list of high profile HTML5 applications, games and demos (including the Financial Times, GMail, Kindle web reader, and Pirates Love Daisies).

HTML5 Studio
Another Google site - currently 14 samples of concepts like slideshows, Geolocation, and WebGL using HTML5.

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You can do a Globalogiq html code search for "<!DOCTYPE HTML>" and get a bunch of sites using html5.
Left by Jim Thomas on Sep 25, 2012 4:49 PM

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