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Staff of Geeks Staff
We'll be performing routine maintenance and a code release this weekend, from late Saturday night to early Sunday morning. There will be moments of site downtime but we'll minimize this as much as possible of course. 

We intend for the following fixes & features to go to production: 
  • Over 30 Windows Update hotfixes & security updates
  • Bug Fix: Homepage of GWB currently listing posts by create date, but should be listing by first-time publish date. Thanks to Chris Gardner for alerting us about this. 
  • Bug Fix: Broken thumbnail images in the Hot Topics and Most Popular areas. Thanks to .ToString(theory) for emphasizing this one. 
  • Bug Fix: Not able to create/edit posts in the admin tool using IE 10. (Thanks Benny Matthew)
  • Bug Fix: Admin blog post rich text editor not working in IE 10. 
  • Bug Fix: New Twitter connections cannot be established because the twitter API URL has changed. 
  • Feature: New "Minimal" Template using fluid Twitter Bootstrap/Cerulean theme. 
  • Feature: Integration with AirBrake exception handling.
  • Feature: Change bio pics in the GWB main feed to be hyperlinked.
  • Feature: Change hyperlink of MVP icons in the GBW Blogger List area to go directly to the Microsoft MVP search results page for that MVP's name. 
Thanks once again for your patience as we strive to improve the site!

GeeksWithBlogs Community Builder/Software Developer

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