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Today we launched a new feature on to make it easier to share your posts with short URLs.  The domain we are using is and you can share individual post or you can share you main blog page through the shortened URLs.  To share your blog URL, use your blog application name like this:

If you would like to share a post using a short URL, you can find the URL in two places.  The first is on the post itself at the end of the post next to the “Share This Post” links.



The second location is on the admin page where you edit your post.  You will see it at the top next to the traditional link.


The “Share This Link” buttons have been updated to use the new short URLs to help save characters in your Twitter posts. 

Well let us know if you have questions or see any issues while using the short URLs. 


Posted on Friday, February 17, 2012 2:37 PM | Back to top

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