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One of the recent perks we have added to the community is an influencer program made up of those bloggers who have the most influence on the site.  Being apart of this program gets you access to some awesome products for review and special contests we run.  The latest contest was a free attendee badge for one of our influencers to join @StaffofGeeks at TechEd and as you see from title Chris Williams is our winner.

This means Chris will be having the time of his life (well hopefully) attending sessions, going to parties, and hopefully blogging about his experience from the Blogger Hub in the Connect Zone, facilitated by us, @StaffofGeeks.

If you are interested in seeing how you can be part of the influencer program, let us know and we will share with you tips and tricks to make your readership go up.  Some of our influencers have been around a long time, but most of them are newer bloggers who just have something important to say that readers want to hear.

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