Biztalk Application Testing Life Cycle Part 1

The Function system i.e. System Testing

In the Functional System testing our approach is to test the Business Process rule i.e. functionality 

We test the system in following categories/ flow


1 Positive Testing 

2 Negative testing 

We also need to check all the BP / Functional Requirement should be covered for that we need to use Quality Centre or VS2010 or Excel to maintain Traceability matrix.


<!In Positive testing we covers all the positive flow testing scenarios such as 

1 Deployment Test 

2 Interface Flow Test - check the flow of interface without any error file processed successfully logged into event log 

3 All Functional Requirement testing scenarios such as

a) If x in the input file transform correctly in output file as z.

b) In CSV file having 10 records if 2 records are incorrect are properly rejected and correct records got processed correctly.

c) No message got suspended 

d) Check debating of file

e) Check ordering of file

f) Check Naming Convention of file

g) Check concurrency in the database

2. In negative testing we will cover how our system behaves when incorrect scenarios occurs such as

a)     Incorrect File name
b)     Incorrect data
c)      Incorrect file not validated with schema file
d)     Missing Mandatory fields
e)     Missing Optional fields
f)       Database unavailable
g)     In bound File share unavailable
h)     Outbout File share unavoidable


In Biztalk System Testing we test the Biztalk artifacts such as 





. Net Component 

Note :

Unit test the code well before moving to System testing 

Code Coverage of unit test should be good i.e should be 80 - 90 %

Code Review should be done before giving the code / Sytem for System Testing


 Thanks & Reagrds

Abhishek Lohani


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