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So, if you have not been introduced to the Experimental Tool recently released by the Patterns & Practices team, let me introduce you to the Guidance Explorer.  This tool is intended to help you organize; search and best of all extend guidance libraries.  Yes, I said extend so you can put your add your own domain, organization and product specific best practices in a convenient location along with the Microsoft Patterns & Practices.

So, if you want more information, take a look at any of the following: Tom Hollander's Blog, J.D. Meier’s Blog, Channel9  or the Guidance Explorer.

Of course, remember this is an experimental project and Tom Hollander said it best:

“Again, this is an experimental project and at this stage we aren't sure what direction to take it or how much we should continue to invest. You can help us make the right decision by joining the Guidance Explorer community, downloading the preview and playing with it, watching the video tutorials and providing us with feedback.”

So, join the community, download the explorer and enjoy!  BUT, don’t forget to give them some feedback

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