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I sent my kid off to college this fall and it didn’t require a soothsayer to know that she wouldn’t do any backups and at the end of the semester her hard drive would crap out.  After an emergency repair with the magnificent SpinRite, I started looking into personal cloud based backups.  Dropbox was the only solution that did it all just right.  After installing Dropbox you designate a folder to watch (your dropbox).  Then just do your work, saving it in your dropbox.  Every time a changed file is closed it gets backed up to the cloud.  Nice touches include an file icon overlay to indicate backup status and a tray icon that shows overall backup status.  Need your stuff?  Go to the Dropbox web site and download it or use another computer with Dropbox installed.  You can get 2 gigabytes of space for free.  What’s not to like?

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2010 6:27 PM | Back to top

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